Hayes retires

January 18th, 2014 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

Vernon Small at Stuff reports:

Wairarapa MP is to step down at the next election, bringing to 10 the number of MPs who have said they will go.

It is understood he has told Prime Minister John Key and has also written to his supporters in the electorate.

Mr Hayes, 65, was first elected MP for Wairarapa in 2005. That followed a career as an agricultural economist and then as a diplomat, including a stint as New Zealand’s ambassador to Iran and Pakistan.

Before becoming an MP, he was best known for his part in the Bougainville peace process. He was made an officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in recognition of that work.

He served as private secretary under former Labour trade minister Mike Moore and is currently parliamentary private secretary and chairman of the foreign affairs, defence and trade select committee.

John has also been a parliamentary private secretary to Murray McCully and often travels on his behalf, especially in the Pacific. He’s been very effective in that role. I’ve had the good fortune to enjoy John’s hospitality on occasion, and he is a very genial host.

This now brings the number of retirements for National since the last election to 13. They are:

  1. Shane Ardern, TKC
  2. Chris Aunchinvole, List
  3. Jackie Blue, List (already gone)
  4. Cam Calder, List
  5. Phil Heatley, Whangarei
  6. Paul Hutchison, Hunua
  7. Colin King, Kaikoura (challenged)
  8. Eric Roy, Invercargill
  9. Katrina Shanks, List (already gone)
  10. Lockwood Smith, List (already gone)
  11. Chris Tremain, Napier
  12. Kate Wilkinson, Waimakariri
  13. John Hayes, Wairarapa

Meanwhile Labour marches towards the 2014 election with their 1980s MPs!

10 Responses to “Hayes retires”

  1. beautox (501 comments) says:

    Better than NZ First – their MP is from the 70s (although there is some debate whether he’s actually still alive, or just pickled)

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  2. Mobile Michael (1,010 comments) says:

    I’m not a fan of John. However, when he talks about foreign affairs and better governance in small nations he is very knowledgeable and critical of the perverse incentives for their representatives. Certainly something that contributes well to NZs foreign policy positions.

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  3. wikiriwhis business (5,217 comments) says:

    The Nat MP’s mentioned were simply electorate MP’s serving their communities. They aer the grass roots of politics and what Parties should be about. They have nothing to do with elite agenda’s and UN strategies that high ehelon minsters as John Key, Bill English and their upper lieutenants.

    electorate MP’s probably have very little inside knowledge of their superiors agendas which the top listed ones such as Collins, Paula Bennett and Gerry Brownlee who are very much in the loop and creating a vicious web.

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  4. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    They have nothing to do with elite agenda’s and UN strategies that high echelon future minsters as Russel Norman, Meteria Turei, Catherine Delahunty and their upper lieutenants have.

    There fify.

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  5. Urban_Redneck (247 comments) says:

    Not that anyone will ever notice that a few pieces of back-bench deadwood have been cleared out. What about moving on some of those Nat MP’s who are passed their used-by date and or who are so clearly at odds with the founding principles of the party? Williamson for one.

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  6. Shazzadude (587 comments) says:

    National are marching on with two MPs who have been there so long they entered parliament by virtue of defeating Social Credit.

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  7. rouppe (1,249 comments) says:

    At what point does ‘refreshing’ start to look like rats leaving a sinking ship?

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  8. igm (2,477 comments) says:

    Seems strange when a National MP retires he/she get on with their lives, not putting their noses into another trough, usually that of ratepayers. Does this not highlight the difference between those of the successful brand and those of the pathetically useless brand of the left.

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  9. davidp (3,870 comments) says:

    >Meanwhile Labour marches towards the 2014 election with their 1980s MPs!

    Technically speaking, several Labour MPs are zombies and they’ll keep on troughing until they’re finished off by decisive violent action. Like decapitation, or blasting them with a minigun.

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  10. BlairM (2,768 comments) says:

    And of that entire list, probably the only one who will be missed is Lockwood. That’s not to disparage any of them. They all have been smart enough to realise that this politics thing is not where their talents lie, and they are moving on. Most MPs on the Left never become cognizant or self-aware of this fact about themselves. So well done all of them, and blessings for the future. Look forward to seeing new talent emerge.

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