PPTA finds five good things in education in 2013

January 20th, 2014 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

The goes to battle a lot against the Government on educational issues. However they have done a blog post highlighting five good things the Government did in in 2013. They are:

  1. Continued investment in and support for the Positive Behaviour for Learning Action Plan. Started in 2009, many schools involved are reporting fewer behaviour problems.
  2. The response to the report on twenty-first century learning and the Network for Learning. They praise the minister’s reference group as dynamic and credible and say the Network for Learning has huge promise.
  3. The Ministry of Education’s new approach to consultation. Peter Hughes is making a difference.
  4. The Aranui cluster and the secondary sector in Christchurch. They say there has been massive improvement in communication over Canterbury schools, and genuine consultation.
  5. The property announcements in response to the Beca review. They praise the option for schools to be able to hand back property management to the ministry.

Good on the PPTA for highlighting the areas where they are agreeing with the Government, while continuing to oppose in the areas where they do not agree. Politics is about being able to work constructively in some areas, while disagreeing in other.s

7 Responses to “PPTA finds five good things in education in 2013”

  1. BeaB (2,512 comments) says:

    It won’t last.

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  2. KiwiGreg (3,589 comments) says:

    They’re just a union.

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  3. burt (11,468 comments) says:

    Exactly… A union. The epitome of self serving entitlement to other people’s money. They take money from the people they say they represent and donate it to people who shaft their members. The irony in this is that they take from people they say should earn more and donate it to people who earn way more so that the higher earners don’t need to use their own money promoting themselves. The whole core of the Labour movement is corrupted by its fundamental flaw that makes it ok to take from the poor to give to the rich.

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  4. bc (1,754 comments) says:

    Well done to the PPTA for showing that they are not anti-government but anti-bad policy.
    Also well done to DPF for highlighting this. It’s best to ignore they grumpy buggers above (and no doubt there is more to come), they are so one-eyed it’s amazing they don’t bump into things when they walk.

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  5. burt (11,468 comments) says:


    The ones that are more likely to bump into things are the ones who perpetuate the myth that it’s a good thing for low paid workers to be supporting a hierarchy of union officials who donate their hard earned money to highly paid politicians ( the 1% ).

    Teachers and their union have been complaining about being underpaid for decades. Decades of donating to Labour hasn’t changed that – who are the myopic ones here believing in something that is clearly a failure.

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  6. bc (1,754 comments) says:

    I wasn’t aware that the PPTA have made any donations to Labour, burt. But you say there has been “decades” of it.
    Where have you got this information from?
    Any evidence?

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  7. burt (11,468 comments) says:


    Well spotted – a bad assumption on my part. I’ll remember this from here on. Thanks.

    They still support and promote leftist collective rubbish decade after decade never getting past having their members underpaid. So I’ll still cast them with other self serving arms of the Labour Party.

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