Tasmanian Labor says never again to Greens

The Australian reports:

TASMANIAN Labor has ended the nation’s first experiment of Greens in cabinet, conceding power-sharing with the minor party alienates its core supporters, suffocates its messages and must never be repeated. …

She said caucus had resolved that it would never again have Greens “in cabinet” and would not make “power-sharing deals”.

Yet the only possible route to power for NZ Labour is through the Greens.

Senior national Labor figures have urged the party to end its dalliances with the Greens. Union leader Paul Howes last week called for the Tasmanian agreement to be the last anywhere in the country.

Once bitten, twice shy.

To give you some idea of how unpopular the Labor-Green Government is, Labor were at just 18% in the latest poll in Tasmania (Nov 13). That is under half of what they got in 2010.

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