That’s a good dating agency

The Press reports:

The convicted killer known as the “Black Widow” had a “no strings attached” relationship with a man who went on to bash and strangle a woman to death.

Police say asked them to phone a mystery friend called Keith the morning her husband was found dead in bed at their Christchurch home in 2009.

The Press can reveal he was Keith Donald Bonner, who three years later killed Tracey Lee Morris and left her body in a car.

In a formal witness statement to police, Bonner said he met Milner through a agency more than 15 years ago. He described their sexual relationship as “no strings attached” and “friends with benefits” before it ended in either 2000 or 2001.

You have to give credit to the dating agency for doing a good job. They managed to match two killers up together. I presume there isn’t a box you ticked to indicate you have homicidal tendencies and are seeking others the same, so they must have matched them up on more subtle qualities.