A non story

February 14th, 2014 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

Hollywood mogul is keeping silent on whether he will keep up a tradition of letting the public have access to a “very special” lake he owns.

Keeping silent! Is he refusing to answer? Has he denied a request?

He called on Cameron to allow anyone to enjoy the lake. “James Cameron . . . has a very strong environmental ethic and we need to experience these special places to have a better relationship with that natural world.”

He had not contacted him directly, because his main interest had been whether Cameron was under any legal access obligation, but he was now considering doing so.

What a non story. Ask Cameron if you can have access, and then maybe it’s a story if he says no (which is his right). But a story based on someone wondering aloud over whether or not he would say no is silly.

12 Responses to “A non story”

  1. Manolo (21,988 comments) says:

    Lets wait for some Iwi to make a claim.

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  2. Elaycee (4,536 comments) says:

    So…. a ‘reporter’ (Caleb Harris) interviews himself whilst musing whether James Cameron would allow public access to his own property. No checking for facts. No interviews. Just a few paragraphs containing baseless thoughts.

    In other words… this is a beat up story by a ‘journalist’ too lazy to verify whether his ‘story’ was proper reporting, or just a fable. And worse… it was deemed suitable for publication and posted online by Stuff.

    Our MSM is appalling.

    We really deserve better.

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  3. alloytoo (1,037 comments) says:

    This is really journalistic masturbation.

    The reporter is playing with himself and trying to tell us it was a date.

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  4. RRM (12,551 comments) says:

    Fuck’s sake. The Civilian might as well pack up and go back to his day job, you can’t satirize something that is already a joke.

    Suggestions for tomorrow’s headlines:

    Queen Elizabeth II keeping silent on whether all Muslims should be deported from England.

    Bill Gates keeping silent on new traffic lights for Tauranga.

    Kim Jong Un keeping silent on nuclear first strike.

    Israeli Defense Force chiefs keeping silent over drop in Emperor penguin numbers.

    Al Qaeda keeping silent on base locations.

    Hitler still keeping up 70 years silence on suggestions invading Russia was a mistake.

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  5. big bruv (15,559 comments) says:

    If I owned the lake there is no bloody way I would let members of the public have access to what is my private property.

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  6. RRM (12,551 comments) says:

    Even some of the peripheral quotes in the story are highly spurious:

    “You really only see lakes surrounded by native bush in South Island forest parks.”

    😯 LOL what?




    Rotoiti: (North Island)

    (OK your skin has to be the “right” colour to go to this lake…)



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  7. jp_1983 (487 comments) says:

    Well people can’t swim in some lakes in Rotorua…

    oh wait…

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  8. DJP6-25 (1,779 comments) says:

    That’s why I get my news from the new media. Mostly this site, and Whaleoil.

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  9. Goldsmith (31 comments) says:


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  10. igm (2,452 comments) says:

    Typical article by left-wing Labour/Green indoctrinated journos. It helps them try and stir envious emotions of losers that support the trough-snouting, non-productive leeches that are attempting to get at our Treasury benches. Wait for a few months, articles like this will be overtaken by more pathetic attempts to destabilise support for the incumbents. Freedom of the press they call it!

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  11. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    Well it is only Stuff. You were expecting anything else from them?

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  12. hj (8,596 comments) says:

    money buys you an exclusive environment. For the rest their is “agglomeration benefits”, density, Richard Attenbourgh on a flat screen tv.

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