Blaming the Police

Stuff reports:

The family of slain gunman Antony Ratahi are still seeking answers almost three years after he was shot dead by .

They say they are considering mounting a legal case against police over the shooting, but they are waiting for the release of the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s investigation.

Ratahi, 46, of Stratford, was killed after a 13-hour standoff with armed police at Opunake’s Headlands Hotel in July 2011.

He had a firearm, barged into the restaurant and barricaded himself inside the building with his former girlfriend Marcelle Beer. Police launched three separate investigations into the incident.

I’d say the best way not to get shot by the Police is not to kidnap your ex-girlfriend who has a protection order against you, and hold her hostage at gunpoint.

In May 2012 it was revealed 14 members of the armed offenders squad had been drinking before the siege.

By the end of the siege I’d say any effects would be long gone.

Ratahi’s eldest daughter, Cassia Proebstel, told the Daily News the family had been approached by a couple of lawyers keen to take a case against police.

I’m sure they were.

The police investigation found Ratahi’s shooting was lawful and justified, the officer who fired the fatal shot, the AOS commander and Special Tactics Group commander, who were in control of the situation, had not been drinking.

So seems a bit of a red herring.

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