Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

The Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular debuted at the TSB Arena last night. I can’t think of a better word for it than spectacular, as it was. I had high expectations of a great night out, and they were exceeded. It was great on every level. For Dr who fans, it was a fantastic experience, and the arena was packed full of fans from kids to grandparents who have been watching it for 50 years. A fair few were even in costume.

The musical side was superb, with the led by Dr Who specialist conductor Ben Foster. Wellington’s Orpehus Choir provided backups and there were some stunning solos by Anna (?Pierard). The music alone was reason to go. But there was so much more.


Each piece was accompanied with clips from the show. Some of them were episodes I had seen, and some were new to me. But for all of them, the music and visuals told a great story which made speech unnecessary. Most were of the 11th doctor, Matt Smith, but a couple were compilations of all 13 doctors, including a regeneration series.

Talking of Doctors, the show was narrated by a youthful looking Peter Davison (No 5) and a couple of video clips from a less youthful Tom Baker (No 4). Conductor Ben Foster also took to the microphone a bit, with a very funny scene in which the Dalek proclaimed he must be exterminated for over-acting.

Yes there were Daleks. They were on stage, and in the aisles along with Cybermen, the Silence,Silurians, Ood, Weeping Angels and a Jodoon.

The show has been going around the world for the last year or so, but it has been updated. This version included songs based on the the most recent specials such as the Day of the Doctor.

It was a great show. Everything worked. A very fitting homage to the 50th anniversary of an iconic show.

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