Fran on Dotcom and Brown

February 22nd, 2014 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

Fran O’Sullivan writes in the NZ Herald:

and are linked by several personal characteristics. Both are showmen. Both are prone to vanity. Both hate being out of the limelight.

In the personality world that drives mainstream media coverage these days, each of them is also a long-running news story.

This week, each man was under a new round of pressure.

Dotcom because the Court of Appeal found the police raid on his rented mansion was legal (but that the police giving the FBI the seized material was an unauthorised legal breach). The Herald’s splash showing Dotcom (or his companies) had not paid a number of small creditors while he ostentatiously lived high on the hog did not help his reputation.

But his natural audacity and fighting spirit keep him centre-stage.

Brown is also endowed with fighting spirit. He has a thick hide when it comes to public opprobrium. He was booed at the Auckland Nines and was asked not to attend a community military tattoo this weekend.

Maybe they could swap roles? Dotcom goes to all the public events, and Brown sets up a new political party? 🙂

15 Responses to “Fran on Dotcom and Brown”

  1. Colville (3,126 comments) says:

    Brown sets up a new political party?

    Lets call the party “Tuggers for Labour”

    Jones can be his 2IC. 🙂

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  2. Reid (21,449 comments) says:

    Fran says:

    The natural instinct of most people coming under huge legal or professional pressure is to hunker down. Go “out into the snow” for a while, as Labour’s feisty MP Shane Jones did when he ran into a spot of embarrassing bother a couple of years back.

    Brown can also do that.

    Surely by now he’s getting some wise counsel to just give Aucklanders a bit of a breather.

    Allow the embarrassment to subside before pushing himself centre-stage again. Let the councillors or the chief executives or chairs of the council-controlled organisations hog the public announcements of all the new hotels and other city business developments.

    Share the credit with those who have done the hard negotiations and not just promote himself as the only “face of Auckland”.

    Fran, like Michelle Boag on Paul Henry, doesn’t seem to recognise Brown has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That’s in the same category in terms of serious mental illness as Borderline Personality Disorder.

    NPD sufferers will not recognise criticism unless it comes from people they perceive as having equal status. In Brown’s case this means Key and Joyce. That’s it. Everyone else can take a running jump as far as he’s concerned. This is why he doesn’t feel the least bit contrite, because he hallucinates all the criticism is motivated by envy and has no substance. This is because he believes he was entitled to take freebies and entitled to blow off steam because Auckland is so very lucky to have such a man as he in charge.

    Like I said, NPD is a mental illness and he’s not going to change and he’s not going to back down because his whole personality is built on his self-professed belief that he’s “very very smart and agile” and he thinks he’ll just win everyone over with his charm. He’ll take this protest and hallucinate there’s only 300 people in Auckland who think he should go and dismiss it accordingly. And he’ll keep doing it for every other protest that he receives, just as he has so far.

    But as I’ve said on Whale, having an NPD sufferer in charge of a $1.2b budget is mind-bogglingly dangerous, because all any supplier or policy pitcher needs to do is negotiate to his ego and they’ll get a great deal, regardless of whether or not it makes any sense for the people of Auckland.

    And the media should do its job and start talking about that angle, rather than stand on the sidelines and wonder at what a thick skin the man has.

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  3. duggledog (2,363 comments) says:

    She missed out David ‘I Am Harvard’, ‘Do-Upper’ Cunliffe.

    These are three men New Zealand could do without – but only a country like New Zild would tolerate – and indeed champion.

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  4. Akaroa (1,333 comments) says:

    I was in Queen Street earlier on today when the anti-Len Brown march commenced. (Just a by-stander!)

    Pretty well supported and with the customary humourous, ironic and cuttingly acerbic placards being carried. And it was a pretty middle of the road gathering, age and apparent social status-wise. Definitely not Rent-a-Crowd this time!!

    The unknowing casual observer not up with the play would definitely have picked up that this Len Brown character is highly unpopular and that a lot of respectable and serious looking people want him OUT!

    (Pity that ‘Les Brown’ chimes so well with “Get out of town!”) Or not!!

    Must watch the TV News tonight!

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  5. Akaroa (1,333 comments) says:

    I meant LEN not Les!!

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  6. jaba (2,181 comments) says:

    add in Winston Peters

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  7. bereal (3,137 comments) says:

    reid @ 4.29

    Your second to last paragraph is spot on.

    Well done. Well said. Very perceptive.

    You cut through the chaff with that observation and hit a nail right on the head.

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  8. duggledog (2,363 comments) says:

    I concur with bereal about Reid’s comment.

    Len Brown is the sort of person you would never leave in charge of a chequebook, let alone one the size of Auckland Council’s. I mean really! Only in New Zealand, Kiwibloggers. It’s such a massive problem for this country, having people of this calibre in positions of power, or in the case of KDC, being able to pull the wool over so many people’s eyes.

    TVNZ buried the march in tonight’s bulletin BTW; a one minute gloss-over after Schapelle Corby’s latest nothing story, and before some ducks getting botulism. No vox pops from protestors.

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  9. bereal (3,137 comments) says:

    If anyone needs proof to verify Reids observation @ 4.29

    Check out the report that Len is considering re appointing Bevan Chung.

    Talk about shit on the people of Auckland.

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  10. freemark (938 comments) says:

    I was there, proud and loud, with my daughters. It was a great march, no “rent a crowd” needed. Penny wanted to turn it into an “anti Convention Centre” affair to a certain degree, but seemed strangely reluctant to Occupy Aotea Square when it turned out that someone else had conveniently prebooked it and set up a tent with some empty chairs – I even suggested it to her 🙂 There were lots of people filming from the footpaths, somewhat suspiciously IMO, it will be interesting so see if there is any fallout – to which I may be vulnerable. Quite a few joined from the footpath too, if another march was publicised and held I guarantee the turnout would get pretty massive. Well done Stephen Berry, Will Ryan, and all the others who stand up for decency & honesty.

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  11. bereal (3,137 comments) says:

    If anyone can understand what ‘freemark’ @ 7.39 is trying to say.

    Please decipher.

    You just gotta feel sorry for his poor daughters.

    (“people were filming….somewhat suspisciously IMO” )

    did this drong see the aliens that were there as well ?

    What chance have the daughters of such a fuckwit ?

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  12. freemark (938 comments) says:

    Beryl, you are obviously blind to the repression of free speech and expression by The Socialists..another Gween perhaps?
    My daughters have a great chance in life..far greater I suspect than any you may or may not have – honesty, integrity, self reliance and morals are important to some of us, get it?
    The volume & numbers of you Trolls (and your multiple aliases) is increasing on KB, the quality is declining. But the desperation as you see your chances of feeding on the trough scraps of your flawed and corrupt heroes is so fucking satisfying to watch..

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  13. bereal (3,137 comments) says:

    talk about a fucked up idiot who gained all his knowledge as a psycology student
    at Waikato university….and is now a hard done by dole bludger.

    the staggering thing is that there are so many fuckwits just like you who never learnt
    to think for themselves.

    and it seems that you have begat a couple of daughters whom you will devote your
    life to corrupting.

    You Saddo.

    Poor girls. Their only chance is if they realise that their Dad is a fuckwit.

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  14. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,307 comments) says:

    I love it – “If it is Brown, flush it down”. Len Brown is nothing but s**t

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  15. freemark (938 comments) says:

    “talk about a fucked up idiot who gained all his knowledge as a psycology student
    at Waikato university….and is now a hard done by dole bludger”
    Monumental fail in all aspects Bewyl.
    You really have no idea, about anything I suspect. You can’t afford my hourly rate to even engage with your drivel I’m sure. Run along now, back to your sandpit and cesspit. If you mention my daughters again I will hunt you down and destroy you. Piece of Shit.

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