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February 13th, 2014 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

The Herald editorial:

The has earned high credibility in social work for the practical, non-political way that it goes about its mission. It deserves the same credit for social research on the strength of its annual state of the nation report. The latest, featured in the Herald yesterday, offers a more balanced snapshot of our society than we get from research that sets out to find something going wrong.

The Sallies’ report suggests a great deal is going right. Educational disparities are narrowing. Gaps between passing rates from rich and poor schools, and Maori and non-Maori, are not as wide as they used to be. A higher proportion of Maori and Pacific children are enrolled in pre-school education. More school leavers are working or getting a qualification.

Fewer teenage girls are getting pregnant. While the number giving birth has been falling for many years, more recently the number having abortions has been falling too.

That is good news, as is the decline in infant mortality, especially for Maori. We were even drinking and gambling a little less.

Employment is increasing, not only among the young (up 9.4 per cent for those aged 15-24 last year), but the proportion of the over-65 population who are working has leaped from 15 per cent to 21 per cent in the past five years. That means more than a fifth of national superannuitants with super gold cards have not retired. Most of them will be in the 65-70 age bracket and could support themselves if the qualifying age for superannuation was raised.

All but a few hard core opponents have to concede that overall most things are heading in the right direction. And yes of course the age of eligibility should increase.

Incomes rose 2.6 per cent on average last year while the cost of living rose 1.6 per cent. Employees, with an average rise of 3.1 per cent, did better than the self-employed. 

All good.

The report shows that affording a house in Auckland and Christchurch has become even harder than it was at the height of the last boom. The median Auckland house price now exceeds 10 years of the average gross weekly wage. Household debt is rising again as economic growth gathers pace. The average household owes $121,200, giving a ratio of debt to earnings not quite as bad as five years ago but still nearly 150 per cent of the average household’s annual income.

Housing costs and some other adverse trends leave plenty of problems for social policy but it is important to acknowledge progress too.

Yep, overall a pretty fair and balanced report.

7 Responses to “NZ Herald on Sallies report”

  1. radvad (956 comments) says:

    Good news overall but anyone watching TV1 news last night would be left a totally different impression. There was zero, zip, nada mention of any positives from the report, only the negatives.
    Any previous doubts I had about media bias, and in particular TV1, disappeared last night. What these numpties don’t realise is that they do themselves a disservice as such “reporting” slowly but steadily erodes the publics trust in them.

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  2. louie (127 comments) says:

    Indeed it sounds fair and balanced. So why did Radio NZ national lead their morning news yesterday (6:30am or 7:00am) with statements that suggested the report had slammed the Govt over ‘child poverty’ ? I don’t give to politicised charities (Oxfam and Anglican Church long off my list) but had still been giving to the Sallies.

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  3. DJP6-25 (1,781 comments) says:

    Tut tut, can’t have news that contradicts the Labour party ‘talking points’.

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  4. kowtow (13,216 comments) says:

    No doubt the sallies do good work and are good people.

    However they are sailing very close to the wind to be considered a legitimate non political charity.

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  5. nasska (16,759 comments) says:

    ….”And yes of course the age of eligibility should increase.”….

    Hang about DPF…..what about us poor old broken down cockies? 🙂

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  6. Mark Thomson (124 comments) says:

    “All but a few hard core opponents” – referring of course to TVNZ. Their coverage last night was absolutely disgraceful.

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  7. BlairM (2,755 comments) says:

    Aside from their dubious theology, the Sallies are a political organisation who are actually violating Christian principles by demanding the government steal from people to fund their ideas.

    I wouldn’t pay attention to anything they say, or give them a cent of my money.

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