Recall Labour saying the regions are missing out on economic growth?

Labour really can’t get a break. Almost every economic issue they have targeted, their timing has been woeful.

Their manufactured manufacturing crisis has become a joke, as the sector has record confidence.

Their targeting of the exodus to Australia has seen Australian flocking to New Zealand.

And their claims that the provinces are missing out, with only the three big cities getting – well, here’s the ANZ measurement of economic growth in the last quarter, in order from largest to smallest.

  1. West Coast 2.4%
  2. Northland 2.4%
  3. Canterbury 2.1%
  4. Waikato 2.0%
  5. Otago 1.9%
  6. Manawatu-Whanganui 1.6%
  7. Bay of Plenty 1.6%
  8. Southland 1.5%
  9. Hawke’s Bay 1.5%
  10. Gisborne 1.1%
  11. Nelson-Marlborough 0.9%
  12. Taranaki 0.7%
  13. Wellington 0.2%
  14. Auckland -0.1%

Maybe Labour could start campaigning on the crime rate, as that would probably see it drop even quicker than it currently is!

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