Soper challenged

The Southland Times reports:

The fate of ’s candidacy will be left to the quandary of party processes after another city resident entered the contest.

Michael Gibson will challenge for the position, in what the party have dubbed ”democratic process”.

The two will need to pull together party member votes before a selection panel makes the final decision. 

None of the head office people will vote for Soper as she is pro-life, so she is dead in the water.

New Zealand Labour Party regional representative Glenda Alexander said contest was healthy for democracy.  

Sticking to the rules is healthy for democracy. I’m no fan of Soper, but if she was the only nominee, and did not break any rules, it is not fair to nobble her after she has been selected.

The uncharacteristic decision to reopen nominations could be perceived as a breach of the democratic process, she said. 

Because it is.

Michael Gibson’s nomination was received on Thursday evening by Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett in the ”nick of time”, a spokesperson said. 

It took them until the last minute to find someone!

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