Why not go without the child?

The Herald reports:

A woman watched her grandmother die over the internet after a custody order prevented her from leaving New Zealand with her young son.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, wanted her son to see his great-grandmother in Malaysia before she died.

But the banned the pair from leaving the country because the boy’s New Zealand father believed his ex-wife was a flight risk.

“I had to watch her pass away over Skype. It was the most horrific thing because people who are dying respond to touch and she couldn’t even hear me,” the woman said. “I just wanted to be there with her. We were very close.”

So why didn’t she fly over without her son, and have the father look after the son for a few days?

The woman who missed her grandmother’s death said she had been to Malaysia with her son once before and had returned without issue. “I am not a flight risk. I just wanted to see my grandmother and wanted my son to see her as well.”

The previous time may not have been when they were separated. I don’t know. But the reality is that she chose to stay in NZ, rather than travel without her son.

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