Winston still lying

February 22nd, 2014 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

One of the nastier aspects of the character of Peters is a total inability to admit he got it wrong. He will defend a lie to the last. He did it with Owen Glenn, and he is now doing it with Huka Lodge. The sad thing is that there may be 5% of New Zealanders who think he is telling the truth and that everyone else is lying.

Stuff reports:

Winston Peters is standing by his claim that one of New Zealand’s most famous tourist lodges is being sold, despite both the owner and the Government saying it is not.

During his state of the nation speech in Takapuna yesterday, Mr Peters claimed Huka Lodge, near Taupo, was being sold to Chinese interests, to gasps from some of the hundreds of North Shore Grey Power members listening.

It was one of his more blatant racist attacks. Huka Lodge is owned by a Dutch company on behalf of Alex van Heeren who is the honorary counsel for East and West Flanders and Antwerp and a former Dutch honorary counsel to New Zealand. He is not a New Zealander, but a foreign businessman who spends most of his time abroad.

When Huka Lodge was sold to van Heeren (under Labour in 2003), did Peters say a word aboutt foreign investment or ownership? No. Then he invents a story abour it being sold to Chinese investors, with the clear message that this would be wrong and evil. His message isn’t that foreign ownership is bad. His message is that it is okay for white foreigners to own assets in New Zealand, but awful if Asian foreigners buy things.

It is racism pure and simple. It is designed to whip up hostility to people who look Asian, regardless of whether or not they are foreigners or New Zealand born. The message it sends is if you are an Asian New Zealander, you are a second class citizen.

Afterwards he cited real estate sources for his comments. “My informant says John Key has said to these people: ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll smooth it through the Overseas Investment Office’.”

If any politician should be suing for defamation, it should be John Key.

Later, Peters modified his claim to say the lodge was for sale.

First of all he claimed explicitly it had been sold. With that proven to be a lie, he does not apologise or retract. He invents a new lie. The owners of Huka Lodge have clearly said it is not on the market.

One could give Peters some benefit of the doubt that he believed the so called informant and is just so lazy and unconcerned with the truth, that he repeated an unproven allegation as fact because that’s the sort of politician he his. That’s the best case scenario. But now when confronted with the fact that it has not been sold, and the owner says it is not for sale, he chooses to maintain the lie, and amend it, rather than accept he said something false.

It’s the same behaviour as with the Owen Glenn donation. The evidence before the Privileges Committee proved beyond any doubt he lied dozens of times, yet he still insists he didn’t.

“The Overseas Investment Office has spoken to Huka Lodge director and shareholder David McGregor, and he has confirmed no sale has been made or is being considered,” Land Information Minister Maurice Williamson said, not long after Mr Key’s office said the prime minister would never become involved in OIO applications even if one were in train.

Huka Lodge director of global sales and marketing Louise Smythe rejected the claim.

“None of it is true, no,” she said.

But Peters was unrepentant last night, accusing the OIO of having become a “political pawn”.

A pawn in a sale that only exists with the help of drugs or alcohol.

Such was the paperwork involved, the OIO may not know the status of the sale, Peters said.

“It’s for sale.”

So is Peters saying the owner is a liar, or saying that somehow you can sell something without the owner knowing anything about it?

I’m not one of those who says the media should not report on Peters, because they have to. But what the media can do is say this case proves that they should only report on opinions of Peters, but if Peters in future states something as a fact (such as WINZ has a fleet of BMWs, or Huka Lodge has been sold to the Chinese) they should not print the alleged fact until they have verified it. And if the fact is untrue, then don’t give his lies media space. He knows that 5% of the population will believe a lie if he tells it. It’s the old saying you can fool some of the population, all of the time.

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  1. freedom101 (733 comments) says:

    Someone who knows Winston well once told me that shortly after one of his Asian tirades he had bumped into Winston at the Koru Club. “Winston, you don’t believe that crap do you?”, he said, to which Winston replied “Of course not, but it works”.

    Where’s the $158,000?
    What did you and Dotcom discuss?

    If I was the media I wouldn’t report anything he says until he answers these two questions.

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  2. dishy (268 comments) says:

    I may be thick – so please be patient – but if the lodge is for sale, how can it have been sold to Chinese buyers?
    Can Peters produce any evidence of the sale being advertised?

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  3. peterwn (4,284 comments) says:

    “… such as WINZ has a fleet of BMWs …” I thought they were allegedly Mercedes Benz’s, not Bimmers. It was a while back (when Ministers were still driven round in Ford LTD’s) so I could be suffering brain fade.

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  4. igm (2,456 comments) says:

    Winston has had his day, he has nothing further to offer, and he is a devout egotist. The 5% support he gets shows the mentality of his supporters . . . not too unlike those that support Labour/Greens, they are envious losers.

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  5. EAD (3,893 comments) says:

    DPF – please stop banding the word “racist” around without really knowing what it means. Have you ever worked or lived in Asia and listened to the incredibly racist ideas and language of the rest of us humans? The racist teachings as mainstream education? Have you worked in Singapore long enough for the Malay Singaporeans to tell you over a beer just what they think of the Chinese? Ask the average Chinese citizen what they think of the Japanese and your ears would burn.

    It seems perfectly normal, for example, to have a ”Asia NZ Foundation” or Maori only entry standards to University but suggesting to have anything ”White” would of course make you a ”racist”.

    The word is a compete fraud, it is a hoax, a phoney but as long as White people are relentlessly spoon fed the lie they will never truly understand what is happening. And what is happening is that they are being systematically stripped of their Nations, their History, Culture and the very blood in their veins.

    I have many friends from a wide number of races but the thing is we share the same culture.

    The human species is racist. Otherwise known as Darwinism.

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  6. Monty (941 comments) says:

    Winston should come clean and admit he was having a senior moment.
    Maybe he has Alzheimer’s disease. Fifty years of alcohol abuse has caught up.

    I sometimes wish that a Labour Green Winston government was a reality. The implosion will be monumental and destroy all for decades.( and permanently in Winston’s case)

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  7. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    “Winston still lying” – Earth still orbiting the Sun.

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  8. iMP (2,665 comments) says:

    Winston is Maori and actually therefore originally Chinese (according to Winston).

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  9. Harriet (7,523 comments) says:

    “…..Winston still lying….”

    HARDEN UP! 😎

    So Wussle is allowed to lie but not Winston?

    Or you can lie to Christians/Conservatives but not to Atheists ect – or is it about not lying about Asians/business/property?

    Or is it only Winston who can’t lie?

    Where is the line to be drawn down the slippery slope?

    Lawyers and the law is a reasonable line! 😎

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  10. JMS (1,128 comments) says:

    It’s a win-win for Winston. Every piece of bullshit he comes up with is well planned.

    If they do sell it to the Chinese, he can say I told you so.

    If they don’t, he can later say it was his “highlighting of the issue” that stopped them.

    As already mentioned by others, he’s not going for mass appeal, just the conspiracy theorist fringe.

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  11. isaac (11 comments) says:

    We are already a laughing stock for the way our government is elected so lets not risk all. Government should be about managing the economy so that all benefit.

    The Labour/Greens seem to want all the soft options and welfare for all. Appealing to the underbelly of society brings out all the wimpish people who cannot think for themselves or take responsibility for their actions. The talkback radio show callers are full of them. MMP brought in a whole lot of people who did not have to fight for their parliamentary seat and so they bring in this rather sad attitude. Parties which do not have elected members are not really there except for their own egos.

    Winston is a lawyer and thinks he is beyond the law. He is well past his use by date, should take his cigarettes, booze and retire to the race track.

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  12. flipper (5,297 comments) says:

    Joseph Goebbels reincarnate, that is “No” Peters.

    AND …Joseph, the miserable lying, muck stirring shit, always said that the bigger the lie, and the more often it is repeated, the more plausible it sounds, and the more difficult to immediately dismiss.

    I may be wrong, but I cannot recall a single instance where his assertions, unchecked by the children at TVNZ, TV3, APN and Fairfax, have proved to be correct – not even Peter Dunne.

    Ergo, we should all place a 72 hour filter on “No Peters”.

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  13. Harriet (7,523 comments) says:

    “……If any politician should be suing for defamation, it should be John Key…”

    But NOT Mr Craig?

    The law is allowed to protect Mr Craig – as that’s what it is there for![you did say the other day David something like ‘Mr Craig being more tougher instead of going to lawyers’ – but I might be wrong and it was someone else.

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  14. duggledog (2,357 comments) says:

    Aside from the lying, I didn’t like the content of some of his speech; especially the part where he said that immigrants didn’t become New Zealanders but preferred to call themselves ‘Chinese hyphenated New Zealanders’ or ‘Indian hyphenated…’

    So f***ing what? What a stupid, stupid, mean spirited thing to say.

    My folks were immigrants, so they, to themselves were English New Zealanders – not kiwis. They loved it here, and never thought of going back. I am a kiwi, but they never were. How could they be? They had no interest in rugby or drinking weak, sweet fizzy beer!

    And second or third or fourth generation kiwis NEVER let them forget it either; they were always labelled Poms, patronised and teased about it. But that’s the NZ inferiority complex for you

    So f***ing what if immigrants have their own enclaves? How horrible to say people shouldn’t contact each other and form communities within the community as a whole! I would never, ever force people to do otherwise. Their kids will grow up being Kiwis anyway like I did. (Disclaimer: Somalis and some Muslims excepted, sorry it’s just how I roll. We’re not all the same Hulun.)

    He’s right to continue making rivers-of-blood type speeches though. I am pretty sure my grandchildren will be tenants in their own country and there will be more Asians in New Zealand – well in Auckland at least – than ‘Others’. With all that that brings, good and bad. But we all know nobody worries about that. Most kiwis have only a passing interest in central government and less in local govt. It’s ‘boooor-ing.

    By the way – loved the way Checkpoint wrote up the story last night. It’s well worth listening to, for anyone that still thinks National Radio’s editorial is non-partisan. They use subtle language and inflection so well; they save it especially for Winnie and Craig. Not applied to the Greens or Mana though.

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  15. doggone7 (1,653 comments) says:

    “The sad thing is that there may be 5% of New Zealanders who think he is telling the truth and that everyone else is lying.”

    Isn’t 5% a magical electoral line?

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  16. iMP (2,665 comments) says:

    Yes doggone, that is the point of the writer mentioning 5%.

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  17. Elaycee (4,536 comments) says:

    Once upon a time, when Winston spoke, it was the roar of a thousand cannons. And people often listened because he was regularly on the mark.

    Nowadays, the ‘roar’ is that of half a pop gun – complete with a cork still damp from constant use. And the pop gun today would miss a barn door at 5 paces.

    But will the MSM continue to repeat Winston’s constant bullshit? Of course – they know no better.

    The pioneers of the newsprint industry in this country, will be turning in their graves.

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  18. Changeiscoming (334 comments) says:

    So Winston has found further common ground with the Russel Norman and the Greens – Lying

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  19. gravedodger (1,703 comments) says:

    Been on all sides of the Real Estate industry with around eight years actively selling professionally and personally, so everything is for sale, the only doubt being price and timing.

    If enough money is in the pot an assett that was never for sale in the opinion of a vendor will be sold in minutes if such incentives can be offered.

    I have a close friend who had absolutely no interest in selling his farm only to have a fool approach and to prevent two fools being present my mate sold, only to buy it back three years later for a tidy profit.

    So eventually the little fella in the pinstriped suit will be correct just as a stopped clock is correct twice every 24 hours.
    All that is waiting is for price and timing to coincide.

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  20. wikiriwhis business (5,174 comments) says:

    The OIO did rubbish claims by J Key about his diminutive stats on foreign ownership.

    They came out with the true stats which were absolutely far greater than Key stated

    Which was obviously calling Key a liar.

    Winston and Key aren’t the only voices out there!

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  21. Ross Miller (1,762 comments) says:

    Lay off the guy. The media just heard it wrong. He didn’t say ‘Huka’, he said ‘Hookers’ Lodge … could have meant a lodge being marketed by Hookers or lodge owned by a Mr Hooker or even a lodge inhabited by ‘hookers’.

    Ok, got that, nuff said, move on to what does Winston have in common with other small men?

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  22. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    When this story broke yesterday Andrea Vance tweeted:

    So, fellow journos, is it not about time we stop reporting what Winston Peters says as fact? Huka Lodge denying it has been sold.

    It’s also a pretty damn outrageous slur to suggest, w/out evidence, that the PM would promise to “smooth it through the OIO.”

    But that was ignored by Fairfax colleagues and editors who ran Peters-friendly news coverage.

    Perpetuating Winston’s crap – “because it works” (thanks freedom101).

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  23. Monty (941 comments) says:

    Hookers Lodge? But the chow brothers already own that. And I guess Winston would know hookers lodge very well. Has Winston spent time at the Chow brothers Hookers lodge? My guess he has.

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  24. ross69 (3,651 comments) says:

    “If anyone should be suing for defamation, it should be John Key”

    Yes, “hands off” Key would never dream of talking to movie executives and promise them a taxpayer handout. How could anyone consider such an outrage!

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  25. Daigotsu (485 comments) says:

    In the face of these lies, will National rule out a coalition with Winston, the serial fraud and liar?

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  26. ross69 (3,651 comments) says:

    And let’s not forget an important point – John Key would happily consider working with Peters after the election. So, Key is really nothing more than a political slut. 🙂

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  27. Peter (2,094 comments) says:

    It’s not Winston who is the problem. We all know the measure of the man, and those who don’t by now, never will.

    It’s the MSM. The self-absorbed spineless conduits of personality driven infotainment. Like Ellen, only less lesbian.

    Where is your fire?

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  28. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    That’s not true ross69. Key has said that working with Peters is “very unlikely” and on Radio NZ a few days ago:

    The Prime Minister is not confident New Zealand First would support a National-led Government after this year’s general election.

    John Key told Radio New Zealand National’s Nine to Noon programme on Wednesday he also believes there is a chance New Zealand First will not win enough votes to get back into Parliament.

    Mr Key says if New Zealand First does get back into Parliament and National requires its support to govern he is not sure its leader, Winston Peters, would do a deal to be part of the Government.

    “Whether he in the final analysis would ever come with us is very uncertain,” he says. “My own personal view, and it’s not necessarily supported by all of my senior ministers, is he’s only at best likely to abstain.”

    The Prime Minister says if Mr Peters did agree to support the Government it is more likely he would become a minister outside the Cabinet.

    That sounds very lukewarm to me – only if absolutely necessary.

    And after yesterday’s lying and accusations by Peters it must be closer to lukecupofcoldsick.

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  29. ross69 (3,651 comments) says:


    Your quote says Key thinks Winston is unlikely to do a deal. In other words, Key is happy to do a deal…And would be happy to give Winston a portfolio!

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  30. igm (2,456 comments) says:

    ross69: Go back to “The Standard”, that is where people of your ilk belong, with all the other envious, non-productive, leeching losers.

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  31. johnwellingtonwells (137 comments) says:

    ross69 (3,450 comments) says:

    February 22nd, 2014 at 10:39 am
    And let’s not forget an important point – David Cunliffe would happily consider working with Peters after the election. So, Cunliffe is really nothing more than a political slut. Fixed it for you

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  32. peterwn (4,284 comments) says:

    EAD – remember Humpty Dumpty’s view on words:
    ‘But “glory” doesn’t mean “a nice knock-down argument”,’ Alice objected.

    ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

    ‘The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

    ‘The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.’

    So the meaning of ‘racist’ is what the beholder thinks.

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  33. gravedodger (1,703 comments) says:

    @ ross69 10 39, you being the resident political slut, accepted, tosser.

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  34. Ben Dover (526 comments) says:

    This whole discussion is a Joke

    These little freak shows and they are Racist freak shows
    take peoples eyes and ears away from the Real Issues with Chinese Communist Expansion into the South Pacific

    I have no real issue with Chinese people I work with them and consider them friends but
    I feel people are oblivious to the Military build up in Asia and its focus on the Pacific and now South Pacific criticises-abbotts-policy-on-asylum-seekers-20140220-334bl.h tml muscle-north-of-australia/5257686

    Did this have something to do with the Australian Politician Julia Bishop trying to discuss No Fly Zones

    Australia risks becoming embroiled in another diplomatic spat in Asia, with China warning there will be consequences if Foreign Minister Julie Bishop does not withdraw criticism of a new air defence zone in the East China Sea.

    Chinese or Asian Diplomacy in the Region is
    to use an analogy

    holding a gun to someones heads and then asking do you own that?

    That is the issue I have

    That is how they do business and no one try and deny it

    That is what is going on right now and is being ignored by nearly every Politician in the Region
    including Peters getting in a hissy fit over Huka Lodge (How Pathetic)

    You think the chinese military are arrogant now
    wait for another 20 years of
    MASSIVE expansion

    Then you will see their real aims

    and do not say You were Not Warned

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  35. markm (145 comments) says:

    The New Zealand Herald Sunday 23 February 2014 A Vance

    NZ First Leader Caught telling the Truth

    A row has broken out after the dishonourable Winston Peters was caught telling the truth during his driver licence renewal test.

    Mr Peters , according to well placed Government sources, was overheard to claim , that his name is Winston Raymond Peters.
    Prime Minister John Key insisted this goes to show the character of the man , he states is a truth teller and has made a career out of telling the truth.

    Roy Reed , National President of Grey Power , who have long supported Peters , was also unhappy Peters had been caught telling the truth.
    ” We have supported Winston for many years as our organisation believed he was a very dishonourable man who could be relied on to tell lies and be open and dishonest on issues important to intellectually challenged New Zealanders.

    To find him telling the truth is disappointing and calls into question our support and funding of his party.

    NZ First MP Asenati Lole Taylor , attacked John Key , claiming Peters alleged truth telling , was in a private conversation , and was totally misrepresented and was so out of character for her leader , that the only conclusion was the GCSB had drugged Peters.

    Mr Peters said when Parliament resumed on Monday he planned to mount a strong attack on those who have maliciously defamed him of telling the truth, something , Mr Peters said had never happened in his 72 years as a politician


    A Vance

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  36. Andrew61 (8 comments) says:

    Obviously Winston is getting a bit confused in his old age, it is clear what really happened, the Chow Brothers have purchased a brothel called Hooker lodge.

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  37. Paulus (3,565 comments) says:

    Winston was not lying when he said that he was Chinese.

    It has been DNA confirmed that Maori came from the tribes, still there, in South East Taiwan, many via the Cook Islands, who speak their version of Cook Island Maori.

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  38. Mobile Michael (981 comments) says:

    Taiwanese and Chinese are not the same.. The Chinese dominance of Taiwan is recent (starting in the 17th century).

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  39. Rex Widerstrom (5,113 comments) says:

    @Ben Dover

    Chinese military expansionism is the reason the US is rotating 2,500 marines through Darwin. Clearly either NZ doesn’t get reciprocal access to NSA and CIA intelligence as we’re led to believe it does, or our leaders take a far more benign view of the world – one I’d suggest is coloured by distance. Indonesia and other Asian nations often express concern about Chinese expansionism in their region. And China has even begun trying to gain influence among small Pacific island nations.

    My being in Western Australia gives a different perspective. Amongst other things, the large multinational resource companies were attacked during the GFC with precisely the tactics you describe. China tried to organise a worldwide boycott of Australian-sourced minerals in an attempt to further weaken those companies, and then told them “sell us your Australian operations, or else”. The Australian government had to step in and say it was unlikely to approve such a deal for the pressure to come off.

    Chinese companies are, more often than not, Chinese government-owned and thus tools of the Communist Party and the military. They’re chimeras created so a complacent West won’t feel uneasy about dealing directly with the Chinese government.

    And we haven’t even touched on issues of food security. “Gee, can they ship the dirt to China?” the appeasers chortle. Well they can actually, just ask the Aboriginal people of northern Australia who watch kilometre-long trainloads of the stuff heading for port. But more importantly, they can ship the food grown on that land to wherever they like.

    And yes, we’ve been warned. But short term gain has always trumped longer term goals in NZ.

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  40. trout (1,132 comments) says:

    Peters has also said that when the present owner bought Huka Lodge the sale ‘was restricted to New Zealanders’ Another lie.

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  41. Ben Dover (526 comments) says:

    Yes while NZ discusses HUKA lodge and Whinnie the Pooh
    what is really going on in the World is being missed – completely

    Australia has a different perspective because it was nearly invaded it was attacked in WW2
    and it has challenges that are beyond what most people in NZ can comprehend.

    But even most aussies fail to realise how badly they are being Hoodwinked and are going to be?

    People in NZ life under the miss guided assumption that their distance and location makes them safe
    in this world of Turmoil?

    The Fist Marine Division who had to work on the Docks in NZ because
    people were on strike then they went to Guadalcanal and Melbourne

    They March out to “Waltzing Matilda”?

    People need to ask why?

    Their Symbol Insignia which has the “Southern Cross”
    was developed in Melbourne

    The “Kiwi” as “symbol” was developed in Melbourne
    that is where “Kiwi Boot polish” comes from Melbourne

    How short are peoples memories?

    So little has been done since 1945 to protect NZ or Aus
    and there is so little time left now

    While Asia Arms for War NZ and whiney the pooh will still be
    B*tchen about Huka Lodge or stopping the Boats or some other Tragic piece of Trivia

    Look at the Insignia it references the State Flag of Victoria Australia
    where democracy was born in the Region

    People knew this would come back in the 1890’s early 1900’s

    I mean Julia Bishop mentions the No Fly Zone
    and then as soon as they Can arrange it with out warning

    they have boats down near Aus on “exercises”

    It is like Natzi Germany in the 1930’s people are pretending it is all going to

    I hope they are right because if they are “Wrong” well?

    < muscle-north-of-australia/5257686

    People have long forgotten that the only reason NZ and Australia exist

    The US navy? and US Marines

    and the reality is this time

    NZ and Aus will be on their Own

    Mind you the Chinese are so Convinced that peace is the Way
    they are investing billions in Peace keeping equipment
    and training peace keepers

    So there is nothing at all to worry about

    Any Way back to Huka Lodge

    and whinnie who

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  42. SPC (8,683 comments) says:

    Is there a distinction between sale of the property and land and sale of the company that owns it?

    On the one hand the company ownership changed in 2003, but Huka Lodge itself has not been on the market in decades.

    Sale of the company rather than property owned by it means that there is no tax paid on the rising value of the land (companies pay a form of CGT when they make a profit on disposal of an asset).

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  43. Jack5 (9,286 comments) says:

    Politicians of all types seem to have licence to be loose with truth.

    Not so long ago one said he was against anti-smacking legislation. Then what?

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