Deputy Prime Minister Russel Norman

3 News reports:

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman wants to be deputy prime minister if Labour and become government after this year’s election.

Any cabinet formed after the September election should be proportional, and the deputy prime minister role would certainly be on the table, Dr Norman told The Nation today.

“Obviously it depends on the size of the vote,” he said.

It would. On current polls if there was a Labour/Green Government you’d expect Labour to have 70% of the Cabinet and Ministry and Greens 30%. If you assume a Ministry of 28, then you’d have 8 Green Party Ministers. Based on their draft list ranking they would be:

  1. Metiria Turei
  2. Russell Norman
  3. Kevin Hague
  4. Eugenie Sage
  5. Catherine Delahunty
  6. Gareth Hughes
  7. Kennedy Graham
  8. Julie Anne Genter

I presume Norman and Turei would be co-Deputy Prime Ministers.

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