Emmerson on Bloggers

March 28th, 2014 at 6:18 am by David Farrar



Yesterday’s Emmerson cartoon. Very funny.

5 Responses to “Emmerson on Bloggers”

  1. Keeping Stock (12,409 comments) says:

    This morning’s Emmerson cartoon is even better…


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  2. Ben Dover (526 comments) says:

    There’s a new Flag Design there

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  3. griffith (1,111 comments) says:

    Ben D the cartoonist missed a point

    Could have had the silver fern rather than the skull.

    A Toast.

    To The death of traditional MSM…..

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  4. Viking2 (14,381 comments) says:

    Ha talking of flag design. there was one the other day of a fern with a red and blue quadrants and 4 stars. Was driving along Oceanbeach Rd in the Mount and here is that flag at the top of a flag pole. Looked good to.

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  5. Ben Dover (526 comments) says:

    What is interesting to Note

    When the Republicans Rebelled in Australia
    creating one of the Worlds Greatest Democracies

    They raised the Union Jack with the Southern Cross at Eureka (apparently)
    have seen the Holy Grail one of the Most sacred flags on the Planet

    one of the first places I visited in Aus and I have my own “Southern Cross” Eureka flag





    It hung in the Ballarat Art gallery
    while the Eureka Centre was rebuilt


    When anyone in the Australian gvt thinks they can push people around

    The Eureka Flags come out

    "We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

    It is a reminder That the people will Rise again if they have to and they will

    Aussies fought for their democracy and their symbols
    yours is going to be destroyed and modified with out so much as a


    they already have

    The Politics of Victoria Australia

    created your Best Prime Minister by a Country Mile


    Though I was born in the same district in which Ned Kelly did his bushranging, I did not inherit his methods.’

    Victory 1935

    Declarations of War 1939


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