Exports soar

March 3rd, 2014 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

Stats NZ reports:

In the December 2013 quarter, seasonally adjusted dairy export values rose 27 percent, Statistics New Zealand said today. Dairy volumes, after adjusting for seasonal effects, rose 23 percent while actual prices fell 1.1 percent.

Total export volumes rose 9.7 percent in the December 2013 quarter while total export prices fell 0.5 percent. Both movements were strongly influenced by dairy, which accounted for 39 percent of the value of goods exported in the December quarter – twice as much as meat and forestry combined.

“Export volumes are at their highest level since the series began in 1990, reflecting higher dairy volumes in the December quarter, after adjusting for seasonal effects,” prices manager Chris Pike said. 

A 25 year (or more) high.

The merchandise terms of trade rose 2.3 percent. This is the fourth consecutive rise in the terms of trade, which is at its highest level since the December 1973 quarter and 3.5 percent below the all-time peak in the June 1973 quarter.

Now which party in New Zealand has a policy to reduce the dairy herd by 19%? Guess what that will do to and economic growth?


17 Responses to “Exports soar”

  1. BeeJay (71 comments) says:

    It’s a great result, for sure. Do you get the impression that we have management of the country in good hands at last!

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  2. YesWeDid (1,048 comments) says:

    Yep BeeJay the ‘management’ did a great job with the rainfall and sunshine we had in November/December.

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  3. Viking2 (11,409 comments) says:

    Is it going to trickle down do ya thunk?

    What matters is the difference between income and spending. Lots and lots of new cars, tractors and boats out there with Air NZ forward bookings for hoildays looking strong.

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  4. wreck1080 (3,881 comments) says:

    Yah, i hope some rich waikato farmer will buy my house in future.

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  5. wreck1080 (3,881 comments) says:

    @viking2 : you are grasshopper looking for some trickle down from the ants?

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  6. thor42 (971 comments) says:

    Stupid bloody Greens with their plan to reduce the dairy herd. They couldn’t run a booze-up in a brewery.
    All of their BS about polar bears being endangered and “global warming”. Wankers.

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  7. stigie (1,097 comments) says:

    This is great news in election year. It leaves a sour taste in Liarbores mouth with less traction i hope !~

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  8. rouppe (967 comments) says:

    Though to be fair, NZ can’t just keep increasing the dairy herd without making substantial – and probably expensive – changes elsewhere.

    It is well accepted now that intensive dairying is degrading water quality. So either the dairy farms need to be less intensive, or a significant change in practices has to occur to keep the effluent out of the waterways.

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  9. Harriet (4,848 comments) says:

    National could crush the Greens and Labour – publicly victimise and humiliate them on several issues – make them look like the irresponsable, unknowledgeable and lying people that they are – but National won’t.

    After the election the public service will carry on unabated – as usual – making further demands that individuals should have their freedom and Liberties curbed even further.

    And rising exports -as usual- will pay for it.

    And National voters are idiots. As usual.

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  10. gravedodger (1,552 comments) says:

    Lets not let good news become entrenched.
    Rally around all the dropkick negatives and vote for The greybour bunch.

    Once upon a time in a wonderful Island group in the moderate climate of the South Pacific a bunch of pricks having drunk the top half of their fav tipple started crying about nothing consequential and drowned thereselves in the tears, while those that had built the successful structures lived happily ever after.

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  11. wikiriwhis business (3,883 comments) says:

    Apparently the NZX is going to be sound for two years, Qantas is stymied much to the profit of Air New Zealand and the

    Chinese want NZ dairy for the next ten years.

    None of which has anything to do with National Govt

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  12. Colville (2,261 comments) says:

    Chinese want NZ dairy for the next ten years.

    None of which has anything to do with National Govt

    So ? the Nats will take the benefit :-)

    Liarbore claimed that the boom of 2002 – 2008 was all their work and they had SFA to do with that!

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  13. Don the Kiwi (1,705 comments) says:

    Not only that, Colville.
    They squandered all the gains and surplusses that had accrued despite Liarbore.

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  14. Adolf Fiinkensein (2,883 comments) says:

    Clueless Clunliffe must recently have convened an “Exports In Crisis” conference.

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  15. CharlieBrown (1,000 comments) says:

    Colville – Labour squandered the best economic conditions NZ ever had in the 2002-2008 period and we have very little to show for it, and likewise National squandered the best political conditions to make meaningful changes, both parties were just swimming with the economic tide. National had a chance to make a real difference when Labour was at their lowest, instead they just tinkered round the edges. Hense we still have terrible policies labour introduced.

    Imagine how much better off we would be if the Employment Contracts Act was re-instated, RMA removed (or at least reduced drastically in scope), tax reform instituted, “welfare for everyone” removed, Maori seats removed, government liabilities (the left call these assets) privatised. National under John Key have done very little to fix up all those things they opposed whilst in opposition.

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  16. wreck1080 (3,881 comments) says:


    I don’t think people understand the level of squandering. I recall reading somewhere that if helen had not increased government spending she could have paid off ALL government debt and reduced taxes significantly.

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  17. CharlieBrown (1,000 comments) says:

    Wreck – I agree. But I do think that a lot of the nats do know, however I suspect that some of them have became so politically institutionalised they value being in power over making positive changes.

    A lot of people from the center will argue that the nats are being pragmatic about not making many changes as they may lose the next election if they do. But these same people fail to realise that labour will eventually get in, and the left will make changes for the worse, when they do. Its better to make 100 positive changes in 3 years then get voted out, than to make 30 changes in 9 years. History shows that radical changes don’t get overhauled easily and quickly, thanks to the good minded people in the labour party in the 1980’s we have a floating exchange rate, monetary policy set by the reserve bank, very few government subsidies (although the left… including national are changing that) – all these were radical at the time.

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