It must be anguishing for families and friends of those on MH370 to not only have to deal with the almost certain death of their loved ones, but to have no idea how the flight went down, or even where it has crashed.

Most crashes are at take off and/or landing. It is rare for a flight to crash with no communication from the cockpit. The speculationseems to fall into three categories:

  1. A catastrophic structural failure that tore the plane apart instantly, or at least the cockpit
  2. A terrorist event of some sort, or external attack
  3. For some reason the plane had diverted from its normal flight path and hit something

No 1 seems unlikely. The 777s have a good safety record.

No 3 can not be ruled out, but seems unlikely.

So the speculation is mainly focused on the second category. The fact that at least two people on board were travelling on stolen passports (maybe up to four people were) makes you wonder if it was a freaky coincidence, or it has some significance.

A fourth possibility is an extreme weather event, but it seems there were none in the area.

A sad and puzzling mystery. Let’s hope that eventually the plane is located and the black box holds some answers.

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