Milford Track Day 1

March 20th, 2014 at 4:00 pm by David Farrar

The bus left Queenstown at 9 am and we had an early lunch in Te Anau, before heading to Te Anau Downs where we have a boat trip for around an hour over Lake Te Anau.


This is the site that Quintin Mackinnon‘s boat was found in 1892. Mackinnon basically founded the , and presumably drowned on the lake. He drowned aged 41.


Beautiful views on Lake Te Anau.


One can see the end of the lake ahead. Takes around an hour to get there.


The start of the track.


It’s early afternoon by the time you get there, but the first day is just a stroll – 1 km only.


Then we hit Glade House, which is not just a house, but a series of buildings. They have the main lodge, but separate buildings for each bedroom.  Civilisation Рbut in the middle of nowhere.


The Clinton River, which Glade House is next to.


Late afternoon the guides (Mel, Adie and Kelly) take us for a 90 minute bush walk to view local flora and fauna.


The birds are very friendly.


This possum was too curious for his own good!


A nice view from the top of the bush walk.






Typical terrain heading back down.

So Day 1 wasn’t really tramping at all. Even the independent trampers only do a couple of hours on the first day, as most of the time is spent getting down into Fiordland. So the real tramp starts on Day 2. Still an incredibly good feeling to be so remote. If you didn’t want to take the boat out, the nearest road would be an eight hour hike over a mountain range.

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  1. RRM (12,544 comments) says:

    Beautiful! The best part of the best country in the world. Enjoy.

    I love those “New Zealand Government” stickers where the gubermint effectively autographs anything good that the citizens own and pay for the upkeep of!

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  2. labrator (2,452 comments) says:

    Why did you decide to not take your own pack?

    [DPF: I did take my own pack]

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  3. Recidivist_offender (31 comments) says:

    Really sad that there is not more fisheries and mining development going on in Fiordland. We could make billions from mineral resources there. Would somebody please think of the economy!!!

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