Social media tips for MPs

March 10th, 2014 at 1:00 pm by David Farrar

Matthew Beveridge blogs some social media tips for MPs:

  1. Don’t click on links you are unsure of
  2. Don’t buy followers
  3. Do two-way conversations, not broadcasts
  4. Do not link your Facebook account to also post to Twitter
  5. Update regularly
  6. Don’t be needlessly inflammatory
  7. Don’t block people unless obviously abusive
  8. Plus local events and businesses

On the blocking people issue, I agree MPs should only block as a last resort. However I am finding I am blocking more and more people (benefits of not being an MP). I’ll not block those who engage respectfully on an issue, yet disagree.  But I will block those who do nothing but have a go.

The nice thing with blocking on Twitter is that you are in no way stopping them from still criticizing you and saying what they want about you. They can still do that to their heart’s content. It just means that you won’t see them.

4 Responses to “Social media tips for MPs”

  1. Ashley Schaeffer (798 comments) says:

    If only there was a way to plonk/block specific posters on this site. Would save my scroll wheel some mileage.

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  2. dime (12,984 comments) says:

    Ashley – there is. on firefox. some add on.

    Problem is its hard to figure out whats going on.

    Would be easier if we all just ignored outright trolling

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  3. Harriet (7,512 comments) says:

    I don’t really think social media does much in gaining more votes as only 3 types of people would talk to aspiring MP’s – those who want to know their opinion about Bieber, those who support them, and those who don’t.
    I can’t see swinging voters useing it to decide their vote as most ‘conversation’ as going to be the party line anyway – which the media diseminates elsewhere.

    With respect, most social media is just vanity anyway – or a time filler. Most in business understand that but have to ‘network’ on social media to stay ‘relevant’ with an ever increasing ‘self important’ public. Having said that, business does get to clarify matters almost instantly which is good for customer relations.

    Activists use social media to ‘gang up and bully people’ be it politicians or business. Therefor I would suggest to aspiring MP’s to toe the party line literaly and not add your ‘personal opinion’. Doing that saw a lot of MP’s in the last Aussie election ‘having to explain themselves in front of the MSM’. Most didn’t then get elected. The crafty ones did however get more votes.

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  4. David Garrett (10,969 comments) says:

    I am still hopeful that one day soon “twitter” will be seen as the communciation form for the utterly banal that it actually is…but I am not holding my breath…

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