Winston wanting to steal the cathedral off the Anglican Church

The Press reports:

Restoration of the Christ Church Cathedral could be a condition of any post-election coalition deal, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says.

The potential power is going to his head. This is like saying a condition of any coalition deal could be the confiscation of the building owned by Mrs Smith-Jones of Lower Hutt.

The cathedral is owned by the Anglican Church. Politicians vowing to force them to restore it, rather than replace it, are effectively saying we wish to steal it from the Church and make ourselves the owners so we can decide what is done with it.

He told The Press restoration of the cathedral would “certainly” be part of coalition talks with the Government if he secured enough votes in the September election.

“I’ve already given a written commitment that I would raise this in any negotiations,” he said.

“I am seriously committed to this project. It means much more than just the cathedral.”

Peters was “very, very confident” a deal could be reached.

I’m very confident it can’t be, unless Peters think parties will agree to a law change stealing the cathedral off the church. The church has already made a decision.

Peters said he did not understand why Bishop Victoria Matthews did not want to restore the building.

“I don’t understand how the specialness of this building is not grasped. I don’t want to open a personal feud with the bishop, but on this matter she is seriously wrong. I’m not Anglican and I’m from the North Island, but that’s my view.”

So maybe you should shut the fuck up on it then? Only Anglicans living in Christchurch get to decide.

Anglican church spokesman Jayson Rhodes said Peters’ comments suggested “the cathedral be taken off the Anglican church”.

He said it was surprising that Peters had not spoken to the church trustees who had made a decision based on “issues including building resilience and cost”.

Peters’ suggestion that the land was gifted to the church by European settlers was wrong.

“It was Anglicans giving to Anglicans.”

Just bullshit grandstanding.

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