Adams 1 Media 0

April 3rd, 2014 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

A Taranaki Daily News columnist wrote on the conspiracy pushed by a Labour blogger that had some conflict of interest around her actions as Environment Minister, on the basis she also owns a farm. I guess they think owning farm land means you can’t be Environment Minister.

Anyway look at this “clarification” that the had added to the column:

In this article Taranaki Daily News columnist Rachel Stewart raised questions about the links between Environment Minister Amy Adams and the Central Plains Water irrigation scheme in Canterbury.

The column suggested the minister had the power to dismantle a Water Conservation Order so that the Rakaia River could feed that irrigation scheme, and this decision would benefit farm holdings she owned.

The Taranaki Daily News acknowledges the minister had no such power.

Rachel Stewart wrote the Minister had done things “by the book” but also suggested that to say the Minister had not abused her role would be “a big stretch”.

The Taranaki Daily News acknowledges that Minister Adams declared a pecuniary interest in the Central Plains Water scheme and transferred her responsibilities as Environment Minister to Minister Gerry Brownlee in April 2012.

We also acknowledge there has only been one Cabinet decision made regarding the Central Plains Water Scheme and on that occasion, Mr Brownlee took the paper to the relevant Cabinet committee. Ms Adams, who does not own a dairy farm in Canterbury, excused herself from the Cabinet committee where it was discussed, and took no part in the discussions.

Wow, that is a huge backdown. You’d think they’d check their facts before making such serious allegations.

20 Responses to “Adams 1 Media 0”

  1. thedavincimode (8,131 comments) says:

    Now sit back and wait for cunners to repeat the lie.

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  2. mikenmild (23,508 comments) says:

    I seem to recall the accusation was a bit broader than this, involving Adams’s participation in decisions about ECAN and whether that might be perceived as a conflict.

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  3. RightNow (7,328 comments) says:

    “You’d think they’d check their facts before making such serious allegations.”

    Seems like Rachel Stewart is one of those journalists who thinks something can be factual if they believe in it hard enough.

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  4. Manolo (21,951 comments) says:

    The NZ MSM is full of hacks and disgraceful “journolists”.

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  5. emmess (1,807 comments) says:

    What retards Labour are pushing this?
    If that is a conflict of interest, what about Helen Clark owning five houses and overseeing the largest house price boom/inflation this country has ever seen?

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  6. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    Not just Media 0.

    Because it stuck out like a shining beacon in the snow, I’ll use one example by James Dann, a Canterbury-based blogger working towards his PhD in molecular biology.

    I hope Dann is selected, as that may stop the media quoting him as merely a Christchurch blogger, rather than a Labour candidate as the Herald does.

    Labour 0?

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  7. BeaB (2,512 comments) says:

    Isn’t it sad we have no real journalists in this country – professionals who check their facts, know some history, write unbiased articles, strive for fairness and teling the full story.

    For instance, I couldn’t believe Cunliffe got away with telling a so-called journalist on the radio this week that John Key dropped the ball on the UN whaling case when it was actually Helen Clark who bowed out, on the advice of Geoffrey Palmer, with the support of the Labour cabinet in which Cunliffe was a minister.

    But the lies keep being told and are rarely challenged.

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  8. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,293 comments) says:

    Oh no….the leftie scums were pinning their hopes on this “hit” to turn around the polls…..

    But not to worry! Cunliffe will tell a lie that Amy Adams is in fact an alien and the media will repeat that without any issue and mikenmild will find a conflict of interest. Life goes on fellows.

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  9. Bill Ted (93 comments) says:

    Rachel Stewart isn’t actually a journalist, from memory she’s a fully paid-up watermelon who has columns published in the Taranaki Daily News and Manawatu Standard. The editors of these papers are just too lazy and incompetent to make sure anything she says has merit. The reality it 90% of what she writes is rubbish. The rest is made up of conjunctives.

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  10. Ross12 (2,494 comments) says:

    It is great to see the Government Ministers finally fighting back PUBLICLY on the BS published in the media. Hopefully we’ll a lot more of this from the Government in general ( not just the Ministers) in coming months.

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  11. Komata (1,767 comments) says:

    The problem is that the ‘bright young things’ who are now the ones who are writing such articles, and doing those appalling TV and radio interviews, really, truly believe that they are doing what they have been taught by their lecturers at ‘uni and polytechnic. They simply don’t know any different. This is IMHO not their fault, but rather the fault of an education system which doesn’t seem to encourage ‘investigation’ in its fullest sense, and, if anything, seems to teach that ‘journalism’ consists of little more than a few phone calls, five minutes on wikipedia, and a requirement that whatever is reported must be ‘sensational’ otherwise one doesn’t advance amd isn’t a ‘real’ journalist. Young women especially, seem to have bought-into this philosophy. As well, it would seem that it is ‘not on’ to criticise these students as it will ‘upset’ them, that in fact such an action might be for their benefit is ignored. Mediocrity rules – OK!! Editors do not have time to ‘micro manage the tyro’s so the problem compounds.

    Sadly, the situation will probably get worse, as the current practitioners of poor journalism practices become the teachers for the next generation and compound the problem. If you don’t know any different, and all that…

    Valeant et quartus status forte?

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  12. Grant Michael McKenna (1,165 comments) says:

    I am reminded of what Stanley Baldwin said about press barons Lords Rothermere and Beaverbrook:

    “The newspapers attacking me are not newspapers in the ordinary sense,” Baldwin said. “They are engines of propaganda for the constantly changing policies, desires, personal vices, personal likes and dislikes of the two men. What are their methods? Their methods are direct falsehoods, misrepresentation, half-truths, the alteration of the speaker’s meaning by publishing a sentence apart from the context…What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”

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  13. David Garrett (10,969 comments) says:

    I suspect Ms Stewart might find it difficult to get her op-ed pieces published in the good old Daily News from now on…As a sometime columnist myself, I believe there is a relationship of trust and confidence between editor and columnist: the columnist is expected to get his/her facts right, while the opinions may be provocotive or even outlandish. Ms Stewart has destroyed that relationship of trust and confidence between herself and the editor of the Daily News.

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  14. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,293 comments) says:

    As John Key & co are busy doing useful work, they don’t have time to expose the lies Cunliffe and his clumsy clowns publish every day. MSM are so lazy and incompetent, they don’t question them either. So more the merrier!!!

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  15. Jack5 (9,285 comments) says:

    Could this careless rubbish be associated with centralised editing of the regional newspapers of NZ?

    Amy Adams 7, Taranaki Daily News 0.

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  16. alwyn (509 comments) says:

    The Taranaki Daily News.
    That was the one that used to happily credit David Cunliffe with a two-year, very prestigious MBA wasn’t it?
    In fact he had done the much shorter, and much less significant MPA.
    Why expect any accuracy from them?

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  17. Elaycee (4,536 comments) says:

    Bill Ted (58 comments)..

    Just wondering, Bill. Do you have a brother Roux? 😀

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  18. igm (2,444 comments) says:

    Typical of left-wing media bias, too preoccupied with envy and hate to check facts and act responsibly. That is why scribes like this must be referred to as messengers of the left, NOT journalists. Fairfax seem to prefer these types, not having many decent journos in their stables.

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  19. David Garrett (10,969 comments) says:

    igm: I have noticed that the Sunday Times has become a significantly better read over the past few months. One real surprise is Colin Espiner: now he’s a columnist and not masquerading as a journo, he is almost always worth reading. Then of course you have the venomous Andrea Vance…a thoroughly nasty piece of work who betrays her bias almost every week.

    On the downside they now give column inches to Deborah Coddington, who after she married “the QC” as she calls her new hubby, seems to have undergone some kind of Road to Damascus conversion, to the point where she feels the need to beat her not insignificant breast and moan “mea culpa” endlessly regarding her previous incarnation as an ACT MP…albeit a thoroughly undistiguished one.

    But what has happened to our journo giants of the past? The Ian Johnstones, the Lindsay Perigos the David Exels, hell, even the Brian Edwards’s? Fran O’Sullivan is a pretty good political journo as is Jane Clifton…and they are both very far from being young….Doesn’t give one much faith for the future.

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  20. gravedodger (1,703 comments) says:

    This beatup and the Collins one are predicated in the simple fact that your standard lefty with their total ignorance around honesty, loyalty, fiduciary duty and simple trust just cannot comprehend that some others have a higher level of doing the right thing.
    Because they would do things that are seen as shadey, manipulative or downright crooked how could anyone else do it different.

    Hence Ms Clark”s continued demands for the media to move on nothing to see here as a defence when she well knew it was shonky, Williams fruitless trip to Melbourne to dig non existent dirt, Dyson and Dalziel do as we say dont watch what we do, continued covering up for Field and Peters in the face of overwhelming evidence wrongs did exist. etc etc etc.

    That is perfectly acceptable behavior in the light of we know best and you dont understand, how else could they exist.
    Hear ye hear ye this is the truth because we said so???????

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