Mills has always been Left

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Issac Davidson has had a tough day.  First, the online team put a graphic of a two-lane motorway to a story about Cunliffe’s 3-4 lane truck ban and then someone puts a silly headline to Issac’s story about Phillip Mills donating to Labour and the Greens.

“Climate swings donor Left”

The head of an international fitness empire says he is donating $125,000 to Labour and the Greens because he is fed up with National’s inaction on climate change.

Les Mills International chief executive , a former New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year, has given donations totalling $64,999 to the and $60,000 to the , which were declared by the two parties yesterday.

If I was the Greens I’d be a bit miffed as Mills has done plenty of work with them (and associated organisations) in the past.

He said he had been politically neutral until now, but Government’s response to the latest United Nations warnings on climate change had prompted him to take a side.

“I’ve been trying impartially to deal with National. I’ve met with John Key around this a number of times …and really I held the hope that I and groups that I’ve been involved with would be able to get National to see sense.

Oh come now, Phillip. There’s nothing remotely ‘neutral about some of the groups you’ve been involved in and the media comments you’ve made.

And if we’re talking climate change… how many flights have you taken in the last five years growing your business interests, speaking on the world circuit and proselytising?  If one believed in human-lead climate change then one might only Skype rather than fly?




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