Monday Motivator – Guardian Of The Coast

April 28th, 2014 at 12:21 pm by Richard Hume

Monday Motivator 19

Guardian Of The Coast, Nugget Point, New Zealand

I love photographing lighthouses and this one found on the Catlins coast at Nugget Point is one of my favourites.

I will always remember climbing out to this vantage point in the hours before dawn and watching the stunning light show play out in front of me. A long exposure allowed me to capture the endless movement of the waves as they swirl around the rocky outcrop.

Click on the image for a larger view of this photograph.


Richard []

YouTube: Timeless – A Panoramic Journey

2 Responses to “Monday Motivator – Guardian Of The Coast”

  1. lolitasbrother (1,331 comments) says:

    Yes very nice indeed Richard. I tried to work out your vantage point but I couldn’t.

    Most of us go right up to the lighthouse and go for sharp definition of the rocks and sea, which gives a cold result.
    Usually a little severe.
    Then we go back down and take a yellow penguin egg for breakfast
    Nice panorama Richard thanks Good panorama at about 3:1
    Lots of good sights around Kaka point

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  2. Richard Hume (24 comments) says:

    Hi lolitasbrother…thanks for your comment. Yes it was an interesting perspective for this shot. There are indeed lots of treasures around the Catlins….can’t wait to get back there some time soon.


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