NZ 4th for trade competitiveness

April 3rd, 2014 at 10:00 am by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

New Zealand is well ahead of Australia in trade competitiveness, according to a new international report.

The Geneva-based World Economic Forum’s enabling trade index for 2014 ranks New Zealand fourth out of 138 countries, up from fifth when the index was last released in 2012.

4th isn’t bad.

It assessed countries in four areas – market access, border administration, infrastructure, and the operating environment.

New Zealand performed well in most categories, getting an overall score of 5.2 out of seven.

However, it rated poorly in foreign-market access, coming in 65th at just 2.6 out of seven.

A big part of this was due to high cost or delays caused by international transportation, which the report found to be the most problematic factor for both importers and exporters.

Almost one in five respondents (18.7 per cent) picked it as the biggest problem for exporting, narrowly ahead of tariff barriers abroad (18.4 per cent).

Still a lot of work to be done, but things are looking good for exporters and importers.

10 Responses to “NZ 4th for trade competitiveness”

  1. duggledog (2,357 comments) says:

    4th isn’t bad at all

    So – let’s stuff it all up! Come on NZ, vote Labour and The Greens & Mana & whoever – they will really make things so much better. Like, really man, NZ is so shit isn’t it. You get free education, health care, a pension, DPB etc etc

    I mean let’s change the government! Russell Norman, Shane Jones, Metiria Turei, David Cunliffe, John Hadfield, Winson Peters – they’ve all got a marvellous track record of… um, talking… being in politics… um, going to Harvard, um, belonging to the McGillicuddy Serious Party…

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  2. igm (2,450 comments) says:

    McCarten has Labour war cabinet attacking these relevant facts right now . . . bet it’s a lie! Labour have a damn cheek calling this joke a war cabinet, after all, their leader “Tojo” Cunliffe, wants to see our RSA movement disestablished.

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  3. mikenmild (23,537 comments) says:

    Your nuttiness is quite well established, but I am fascinated by your claim that Cunliffe wants to see the RSA disestablished. Care to elaborate?

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  4. Komata (1,767 comments) says:

    Now, lets see how long it is going to take Mr. Cunliffe to absolutely rubbish this and claim that, as usual it is all National’s fault and that under labour… (insert consequences as appropriate).

    He’s done it before, so why ruin a perfectly good run, which works so successfully for him…

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  5. igm (2,450 comments) says:

    milk: He has stated, along with Clark, the RSA glorifies war. He also stated in DomPost how he would have preferred to sacrifice allied lives in preference to dropping the bombs. That would have amounted to thousands of US and Allied soldiers, many of whom provided the varsity that the son of a conscientious objector had the gall to go and study at.

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  6. mikenmild (23,537 comments) says:

    A source for those quotes would be welcome. Particularly for your claim that he wan to to disestablish the RSA.
    I found this, but I don’t think it backs your claim much:

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  7. igm (2,450 comments) says:

    milk: Keep digging, there is more than that he has stated; “Tojo: is a step off being a treasonous dog.

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  8. mikenmild (23,537 comments) says:

    You made the accusations. You should provide the evidence.

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  9. igm (2,450 comments) says:

    mik: Not accusations . . . fact!

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  10. mikenmild (23,537 comments) says:

    So, no evidence then.

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