Taxpayers’ Union welcomes $158,000 paid back

The Taxpayers’ Union has welcomed the very overdue news:

The Taxpayers’ Union has warmly welcomed the decision of Winston Peters and the New Zealand First Party to pay back the $158,000 the party owes the taxpayer.

Executive Director Jordan Williams has said “On behalf of our members and supporters, we congratulate Winston Peters for his show of leadership in deciding to pay back the $158,000. It’s a principled decision that reflects well on New Zealand First”

“While some commentators may be churlish at the length of time it has taken to arrange repayment, we believe the maxim ‘better late than never’ definitely applies in this case.”

The $158,000 debt relates to parliamentary spending by the New Zealand First Party in 2005, that the Auditor-General found to be unauthorised and illegal. All other parties repaid their unauthorised spending prior to the 2008 election.

With NZ First rising in the polls, this news will push them up even further.

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