$3k to Christchurch

May 6th, 2014 at 2:00 pm by David Farrar

has announced:

So today I am pleased to announce a new initiative to further support the rebuild and at the same time help job-seeking beneficiaries outside the region gain work.

It’s called ‘$3k to ’, and it has two parts.

The first part is Work and Income actively promoting through advertising and direct marketing, job opportunities in Christchurch and surrounding districts to beneficiaries outside the region.

This will involve staff discussing with beneficiaries if moving is an option, and looking at whether their skills and a job in Canterbury can be matched up.

The second part is providing a lump-sum, one-off $3000 payment to beneficiaries interested in moving to Christchurch or surrounding districts who gain a confirmed job offer.

To be eligible, a beneficiary would need proof of a confirmed full-time job offer of at least 30 hours a week and for more than 91 days.

Sounds a good initiative.  Getting people into work is excellent.

  • Beneficiaries will not be required to provide proof of costs.
  • The money will be paid in one lump sum, and it will be non-taxable and exempt from any income and asset tests.
  • In most circumstances the payment would be non-recoverable, but situations where it may have to be repaid would be for cases like misconduct leading to dismissal.
  • The offer will be open to all ages who are on benefits, but with a particular focus on those aged 18 to 24.

Non-taxable makes it more attractive.

Also announced:

The apprenticeship reboot I announced in January last year was so successful that by October, 8000 people throughout the country had signed up for training in apprenticeship programmes. 

That happened in the space of just seven months – when the normal sign-up rate for a full year was 7000.

Because of this demand, in December last year we expanded the reboot to a total of 14,000 places.  And they too have been filling up quickly.

Today, I am pleased to announce that the scheme will be expanded again because of continuing high demand.

Budget 2014 will provide up to $20 million to expand the Apprenticeship Reboot by 6000 places.

This move will boost the total number of places to 20,000.

This extension means we have doubled the number of apprentices that can get their training costs subsidised since the scheme was first announced.

Both are about helping young people get into work. The first job is often the most important one.

21 Responses to “$3k to Christchurch”

  1. RRM (12,695 comments) says:

    Yeah, about that…

    A huge area of Southern & Eastern Chch was a vast unemployment ghetto even before the earthquakes.
    Kinda like Otara and Papatoetoe except mostly white trash.

    Surely anyone in Chch who wants to employ someone off the bene, has already had ample opportunity to do so?

    Shipping the North Island’s not-used-to-working class to Chch might be good for the North Island, but I don’t know how good it will be for Chch?

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  2. Craig (30 comments) says:

    How about we give the unemployed in Chch $3,000 to leave the country? If you can’t get a job now you’re never going to.
    Now that would save some $$$

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  3. xy (303 comments) says:

    Good luck finding somewhere to live!

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  4. thePeoplesFlag (325 comments) says:

    Bullshit grandstanding from National.

    1/ You have to actually have a job offer to get the $3000 grant.
    2/ $3,000 is insufficient to pay for relocation.
    3/ The requirement isthat the job last more than 90 days. If it doesn’t, the money must be repaid. Given National’s 90-day sack-at-will law, who would take the risk?

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  5. redqueen (1,840 comments) says:

    @ thePeoplesFlag

    1) Yes, you’d actually have to get a job, which Work & Income will provide assistance with. It’s not $3,000 just to move to Chch.
    2) If you’re on a benefit, $3,000 is a lot and probably enough to move. You’re not going to be bringing an entire upper-middle class household with you.
    3) Yes, temp jobs aren’t a basis for getting $3k and you’ll have to prove you’re actually planning to keep the job, not fart about and get sacked. Given the rebuild and amount of work involved, I doubt people will just be laying anyone off for the fun of it.

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  6. GPT1 (2,161 comments) says:

    Apparently there is still unemployment in Christchurch. This has to be the one place where there really is no excuse for unemployment – Trade Staff etc are always advertising for new RELIABLE staff. I suspect the unemployed i see as duty solicitor may fail on this last point.
    A number of people have moved to Christchurch for work and good on them. Yet they now see money thrown at people who didn’t make that move.
    I don’t actually want the dross from other places in my city.

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  7. slijmbal (1,275 comments) says:

    Simple rule of economics “You pay for something you get more of it”. A bit like the DPB.

    It does depend on it being set up so it cannot be gamed. Probably needs more work in this area. My guess it can be gamed or abused in its current form. I do support the intent but am concerned it’s not going to work as planned. Devil in the detail.

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  8. holysheet (1,668 comments) says:

    It will cost more than 3k.
    Any employer who takes someone off the dole gets 4-5k provided the person stays with them more than a year.
    what employer will forgo this?

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  9. Jack5 (9,494 comments) says:

    They better spend some of the $3000 on tents and sleeping bags. There is bugger all accommodation in Christchurch.

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  10. Pongo (514 comments) says:

    Well lets hope they get a bit of motivation training before they turn up. Hard to believe they haven’t got off their chuffs already, I have a house full of Filipino workers who managed to get here from Saudi Arabia, Dubai and even one who has been working at Guantanimo Bay.
    Accomodation is not as bad as the media will have you believe, if you arn’t a degenerate you can get something relatively easily but its not cheap but the wages are bloody good down here if you are a grafter, my son started on the minimum wage 18 months ago and through hard work he is now on $28.50 per hour, supervises 7 guys and has a company truck.
    Huge opportunities down here.

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  11. Sir Cullen's Sidekick (1,344 comments) says:

    @ thePeoplesFlag – For people like you who never move their backside off the couch, everything is negative. I would be happy even 10 people take up this offer and get a start in life.

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  12. thedavincimode (8,136 comments) says:

    Sadly, the prospects of the Big Magpie being tempted by this are about zero. The prospect of having a job awaiting him would be more than he could bear.

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  13. alex Masterley (2,071 comments) says:

    There shouldn’t be unemployment in Christchurch. yet Filipinos turn up and get jobs.
    A mate of mine works in a business that undertakes general manufacturing and warehousing in Auckland.
    Despite there being unemployed people floating around the company is employing Filipinos as they can’t get anyone else to work for them.
    It also happens that they work bloody hard too.

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  14. thedavincimode (8,136 comments) says:


    Don’t forget dairying and the seasonal workers in orcharding. Same story.

    The migrants who do this work have two significant over the New Zealanders who don’t. 1) They can get out of bed in the morning. 2) They are prepared to work.

    There is no reason why long term unemployed should not be expected to move to where there is work. After all, people who are already employed do this all the time. Similarly, they should not be permitted to move where there is no work. eg Kawerau.

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  15. duggledog (2,394 comments) says:

    I wonder if this is a trojan horse.

    What I’d do is list all the jobs available for able bodied young men and women in Christchurch – you know, those who can see, have arms and legs, opposable thumbs, can stand up etc.

    Then I’d put those jobs before all those ‘applying for work’ in the worst areas, you know, Northland etc then when they didn’t take advantage I’d stop their WINZ payments. Is this what they’re up to?

    All those immigrants that are here already or want to come here don’t worry about accommodation etc, they sort that shit out on the ground, thankful to be here on this cruise liner for however long they can be. Shame some of the inhabitants of New Zealand can’t see how lucky they are. Saw it on the news tonight; they doorstopped some bludgers on the street, what do you know, they said ‘nah not worf it’

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  16. Scott1 (1,002 comments) says:

    Sounds like the policy would be ineffective. Amongst other issues, those that take it up are probably exactly those people who would have got jobs elsewhere anyway.

    I think we also need to realise that there are some people who are genuinely unemployable in a realistic job market. It isn’t a matter of encouraging them enough to work – you actually DONT WANT them to work because they will only destroy value.

    In theory you could pay someone to find them their perfect job, watch them every second of the day, keep training them the same tasks constantly, kick them in the morning to make them go to work and then to clean up all their screw ups. But in the end it would be better to just get that person do the job and he’d do it far better.

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  17. Bob R (1,861 comments) says:

    Not sure Christchurch needs the dregs of the North Island moving there 🙂

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  18. deadrightkev (2,427 comments) says:

    This is a very sad socialist gimmick and very little else.

    I am involved in the skills market nationwide and skilled people are urgently required for CHCH but accommodation down there is too expensive because demand outstrips supply. Not only that many people are still afraid of the place and will not relocate.

    The people National want to shift there are low on quality and skills but high on bad attitude. Who wants them soiling their productivity? WINZ meanwhile don’t give a toss who goes there as its all a numbers game to them. Overseas immigrants have to jump through hoops because of WINZ and so the whole process of getting skills on deck slows to a painful crawl.

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  19. Paulus (3,588 comments) says:

    But I hear from the Radio Left Wing this morning that an Employment Agency says there are no jobs.
    But Employers are saying they cannot get enough (skilled) staff.
    Again I would have thought that there are plenty of unskilled jobs there – that is if the lazy sods want a job that they can do nothing all day and remain on the dole.
    Know of one such young man (17) returned to BOP last night from 2/3 weeks “work” but he found it was too hard – he has never had a real job yet, but he is not stupid. Got good NCEAs . His father is a builder/developer now in Christchurch, but mum here is kinder.
    And mum has given him a lovely Euro car in BOP.

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  20. saman65 (2 comments) says:

    well ive just been told after coming here,finding a job through an agency,getting a written contract with tradestaff does not qualify as eligible” and not just any job,its with fulton hogan ,repairing machinery,tried ring mps,winz is even on my side,but hads are tied as contract can only say casual,in 2014 it is very hard for anyone to get a “gauranteed job”even mainzeal went bust,if anyone can help id be grateful,needed that money to relocate,left chch 8 months ago bacause of soaring rents.trying but walls thrown up.

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  21. saman65 (2 comments) says:

    so if agencys are ‘NOT eligible’ why was that not stipulated befor i spent money to come and find a job,a job is a job it shoud not be hinged on the wording on a contract,it is not ripping off system,as it is basically getting your 3 months benifits in one go to get people off dole,and help rebuild chch,did i miss something??tried ring chester borrows but just got the run aroun,and do not like or want to talk to paula bennit,this shour be clarified that aparently signing up to agency wich majority of chc jobs work through does not cont as a permanant “job”

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