Backbenches 21 May 2014

May 19th, 2014 at 5:56 pm by David Farrar

From Backbecnhes:

THIS WEEK ON PRIME TV’s “BACK BENCHES”: Watch Wallace Chapman, Damian Christie, the Back Benches Panel and special guests discuss the week’s hottest topics!

SUPERMARKETS-SUPER BULLIES?:  The Commerce Commission is investigating charges that the supermarket chain Countdown used blackmail and extortion on its suppliers. The allegations were brought to light by departing Labour MP Shane Jones. Is it time for a compulsory code of conduct for the supermarkets?  How do we make it fairer for suppliers and consumers?

IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE ON THE CHEAP?: The budget had a lot of lollies in it but not for housing and, certainly, not for first time homebuyers. National pledges to keep lower interest rates but Labour says this doesn’t go far enough to address the housing crisis, particularly in Auckland. The added burden of the reverse brain drain and foreign migration will see even more people trying to find housing in the big smoke. What is the best way to deal with this? Some in the opposition suggest a ban on foreign buyers. Is that the solution? What about a capital gains tax? Or do we need to rely on local councils to do more? And how much of an impact will a tax break on building materials offer?

I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME:  Are we all under surveillance ALL of the time? Auckland’s CCTV cameras are the start of a national system which may include facial recognition technology.  The new network would be available for Police to access and, in some emergent cases, control. Proponents of the system say there will be “real-time crime prevention.” While civil liberty advocates oppose the move saying our privacy is at risk.  In this day and age-is there a thing such as privacy? Is safety more important than privacy?

There are two ways to get in on the political pub action:

First, you can join the live audience in Wellington’s iconic Backbencher Pub on Wednesday, 21st of May at 6pm. Filming begins around 6:15pm.

Or watch us that night on PRIME TV at 10:30pm!

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Our Panel: Labour MP Shane Jones, National MP Paul Goldsmith and New Zealand First MP Andrew Williams.

Shane Jones also gives his valedictory speech that day, so this may be his last media appearance as an MP.

7 Responses to “Backbenches 21 May 2014”

  1. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    I thought the supermarket witch hunt had fallen over after Shane left and nobody else in Labour picked up the ball.

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  2. mikenmild (24,110 comments) says:

    I think Clayton Cosgrove is trying to run with it.

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  3. big bruv (15,618 comments) says:

    Back benches should be classified as a paid advertisement for the Labour and Green parties. While I know it is a big call I think that Wallace Chapman is the most biased left wing hack of them all.

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  4. Manolo (22,374 comments) says:

    Chapman comes across as an unabashed Labourite when speaking.
    How this hopeless hack is considered a political journalist and can have a TV program is beyond belief.

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  5. double d (239 comments) says:

    Bruv … Not a big call at all. His questions are very partisan … Body language and tone give it away.

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  6. duggledog (2,394 comments) says:

    Ha ha no shit guys. Wallace is a screaming left footer, never mind good on him, Leighton Smith is diametrically opposite. The content & guests on his Radio live show gave it away. Manolo he has a programme due to the tax payer. that’s why they opposed tvnz 7 being given the axe, because it was a nice safe little platform for their indulgent stuff nobody watches

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  7. David Garrett (11,134 comments) says:

    Actually I disagree…Laidlaw was much worse, and Lyn Freeman – who occaisionally fills in for Kathryn Ryan – is the worst of the lot….

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