David and Karen at home

Worth watching the Campbell Live episode in the home of and . I thought both David and Karen came across really well, and it is nice to get to see the person behind the politics. While I don’t support the Labour Party, I’ve always found to be very professional, courteous and upfront in his dealings with me – and like most MPs, he is in politics because of a genuine belief in the government’s ability for its policies to make New Zealand a better place to live.

An extract from the story:

Ms Price had an urban childhood, having grown up in Auckland surrounded by pets, a tradition that has continued. 

The Cunliffe family have an obvious love of animals, owning one beehive, five chickens, a cat, dog, puppy, two budgies, two canaries, and recently gave away eight rabbits, because they were just too much.

One might believe that surrounded by so many animals, Ms Price may have dreamt of becoming a vet one day, but instead she wanted to become a pilot, and that is exactly what she did. 

“Just a little private pilot licence,” says Ms Price. “I never wanted to fly people; I just wanted to play games myself.” 

I’m not so sure about bees as pets, but thoroughly approve of the birds, cat  and dogs. And having a pilot licence is very cool. It would be great to be able to fly a little plane to islands such as Great Barrier.

Jane Clifton reviews the show and says it was nicely crafted and a must watch.


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