Green Party list changes


I thought it would be interesting to look at the Green Party list changes over time.

First the 2014 final list compared to the draft list is interesting. Mojo Mathers was rated much higher by the members than the initial ranking group. And James Shaw (sadly) rated lower. She went from 14 to 9 and Shaw from 10 to 13. Also of interest is David Kennedy shot up from 28 to 19.

Comparing 2014 to 2011, the big movers are Genter up five (deserved), Mathers up five, Clendon down three, Roche down three and Browning down five (deserved).

Looking at trends over time, I note:

  • Hague is locked in as No 3 and is the obvious next male co-leader (which could be a good thing)
  • Hughes continues to rise (deserved)
  • Delahunty and Graham have peaked and now starting to slip down

The will need to get 16% to get their top 20 MPs in. I doubt they will do that – but if Labour vote continues to decline, they could get close. At the lower end of the scale, they could dip slightly below 10% as their supporters often do not turn out to vote as much as other parties. At 9% they’d get around 11 MPs – losing Walker, Roche and Browning.

In other news, Metiria Turei again makes a case for both her and Russell to be Deputy PMs:

Dunedin-based Ms Turei, who retained top spot, said there was ”no reason” two MPs could not share the deputy’s role.

This would enable Dr Russel Norman and Ms Turei’s strengths, the environment and inequality/poverty respectively, to achieve equal billing in the next government, she said.

I suspect Winston may have some views on that!

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