Labour head office blamed for Tamaki Makaurau debacle

May 21st, 2014 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

The Herald reported:

Labour’s chances of a strong showing in the vacant Maori seat of are diminishing after broadcaster Julian Wilcox’s confirmation that he was not a contender left the party with only a single nomination. …

Tamaki Makaurau Labour electorate committee member Shane Te Pou said he was gutted that Mr Wilcox did not put his hand up for Labour.

“Head office has got a lot to answer for here. This whole process has been politically mismanaged. We are now about 100 days away from an election and we don’t have a candidate in … one of the most, if not the most crucial seat in the country.”

He said Labour should have at least six nominations for the seat, but the selection process was not open enough and was too dependent on “shoulder-tapping”.

This is giving the Maori Party an enhanced chance of winning the seat.

The Maori Party has chosen Rangi McLean as its candidate. The Greens have chosen Marama Davidson, a former Human Rights Commission educator.

Davidson is an articulate candidate who could do well, and help split the anti-Maori Party vote between Labour, Greens and Mana. She is not campaigning for the electorate vote, but Green candidates often gets significant levels of electorate votes – even if not asking for them.

9 Responses to “Labour head office blamed for Tamaki Makaurau debacle”

  1. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    There’s been speculation that Marama Davidson might have a crack at the electorate, helped by some comments she had made, but the Green way – party vote only – has been confirmed.

    Will Greens target Tāmaki Makaurau?
    Davidson not contesting Tāmaki Makaurau

    It would have been interesting to see her try. She’ll still pick up some votes, but that will affect Labour more than the Maori Party.

    Labour have made another mess with their handling of this and makes it a hard job for whoever they end up selecting.

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  2. gump (2,346 comments) says:

    DPF – you might like to attribute that last quote to its author (who I believe was Mike King)

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  3. igm (2,457 comments) says:

    What a shame, maybe HO is more interested in tax dodging and protecting terrorists, even to the point of filling NZ up with their families.

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  4. s.russell (2,076 comments) says:

    I suspect the departure of Shane Jones may hit Labour especially hard in the Maori seats. His valedictory today will be most interesting. He has promised it will be colourful.

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  5. slightlyrighty (2,423 comments) says:

    How can a party that is not ready to contest an election in 3 months be considered ready to govern?

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  6. georgebolwing (1,051 comments) says:

    The slow-motion train crash that is the Labour Party’s campaign is a joy to watch.

    Winning Tamaki Makaurau should be high on the strategic genius’s list of top priorities. A victory for the Maori Party is a massive defeat for Labour on a number of levels. One, it validates the MP supporting National, which goes against a touchstone of Labour faith, which is that Labour owns the Maori vote. Two, if Labour can’t get its shit together in Auckland, how can it possibly be fit to run the Country? Three, it gives John Key one more route to a majority, thus dispelling the “National has no viable partners” myth. Four, added to Shane Jones departure, it makes it look like Labour-supporting Maori are voting with their feet and abandoning the sinking ship.

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  7. Viking2 (14,369 comments) says:

    So the Greens never want and elected MP then. That should tell us something. At least Jeanette managed that feat in Coromandel.

    Shows how far they have moved towards their entitlement mentality.
    Give us the Party vote and we will tell you who will represent you.

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  8. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    Turei said they would consider contesting electorates in the future but pretty much ruled it out this election.

    An odd convolution – Davidson said she would campaign strongly for the party vote in an electrate and if she gets in on the list she will represent the electorate.

    All the work I’m doing is for Party Vote. Specific campaigning for TM yes. I can rep it as listMP

    I am geographically & experience wise perfectly placed to represent this electorate via Party Vote.

    She sounds like she wants to be an electorate MP and seems she could be conflicted between what she would like to do and what the party lets her do,

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  9. tvb (5,512 comments) says:

    This is not pretty at all. I assume if Jones was standing he would take the nomination but he is off. Another 3 years in opposition was too much to bear. He seemed to make that point when interviewed.

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