Leave MPs homes alones

The Dom Post reports:

Prime Minister John Key has hit out at protesters who gathered at his home last night, to protest his position on deadly drone strikes. …

Last night, protesters including Internet Party leader Kim Dotcom and protester John Minto gathered outside Key’s family home in Parnell, for a candlelight vigil.

The group said it was highlighting New Zealand’s “complicity” in drone strikes, by providing information believed to be used in identifying targets.

Today, Key said he was not happy about their presence outside his home.

“My own personal view is that I am actually opposed to outside politician’s houses, that includes my own house,” he said.

“My reason for that is there were plenty of opportunities for legitimate people who wanted to protest, to protest me yesterday – I was at the CNI [central North Island] conference for the National Party in Hamilton, there was plenty of opportunity to do that.

“But that’s the place [his home] where my family lives and I don’t think many New Zealanders would think it’s okay to wander round to David Cunliffe’s house and start protesting out there.”

I agree. MPs have children and spouses at home, and they should be able to live in their home without being targeted.

MPs have electorate offices where protests can be targeted. Political parties also have offices. And there are government buildings also. On top of that one can protest politicians when they turn up to events. All fine.

But targeting MPs at their homes is not fine in my opinion.

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