Maori views on culture

Some interesting data from on culture and language.

  • 46% of Maori say engagement in Maori culture is quite or very important to them
  • 49% say spirituality is quite or very important to them, ranging from 38% for under 25s to 62% for over 55s
  • 29% say religion important
  • 89% say tribal identity important
  • 58% have been to a marae in last year
  • 75% watched a Maori TV programme and 34% a Maori radio station
  • 15% have a moko
  • 11% can speak Te reo well and and only 2.6% say it is their main language at home
  • 34% say things are getting better for their whanau and only 12% worse
  • 83% say their whanau are well off and just 6% not well off
  • 95% say whanau includes parents, children, partner and siblings
  • 41% say also includes aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, in-laws

Pleasing to see most whanau are so well off, and many improving. Also interesting how tribal identity most important, then spirituality and culture followed by religion.

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