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May 7th, 2014 at 3:00 pm by David Farrar

The HLFS is out. Somewhat annoyingly, the rate has remained at 6% – but this is due to more people entering the labour force. Key stats:

  • Employment up 25,000 for the quarter and now 83,000 higher than a year ago
  • The job growth is full-time not part-time. 30,000 new full-time jobs
  • Unemployed remain at 147,000 and 6.0% rate
  • Our unemployment rate is 11th best in OECD, compared to 12th last quarter (out of 34)
  • Those not in labour force down 20,000
  • Labour force participation rate is 69.3% up from 67.9% a year ago
  • The number of hours worked increased in the quarter by 2.7%

Also the average ordinary time earnings are 2.5% up from a year ago.

5 Responses to “More jobs”

  1. ROJ (228 comments) says:

    Damn! – the exchange rate still won’t tank if the economy refuses to go into reverse!

    But I do note it has been declining over the day after a peak overnight, presumably in response to poor US data. Damn US!

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  2. Rachel005 (1 comment) says:

    43.6% of disabled people participate in the workforce compared with 70% of non-disabled people. This has been the same for over 10 years – need evidence of improvement if we are serious about New Zealand’s productivity.

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  3. wreck1080 (5,020 comments) says:

    You can’t cherry pick the figures (and you aren’t).

    Otherwise you’d find real unemployment peaked at a higher rate too.

    I’d say Australia has allowed us to maintain a lower unemployment rate through the GFC.. now that aussie seems to be having economic problems this is reversing.

    Actually, it seems to have been quite nice having australia to soak up our unemployed.

    @rachel005:: are you implying farming is maybe not the bees knees after all? I’d agree.

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  4. jcuk (1,479 comments) says:

    ROJ … If John Key had been President of the United States and had run it like NZ over the past few years our dollar would be much lower becuase the US Dollar would be better? 🙂

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  5. ROJ (228 comments) says:

    jcuk – I think the current problems are the result of a prior couple of decades of poor decision making – and I constantly shake my head at the rancid nature of the pork coming out of their Congress, never mind the poor fellow holding the Presidency.

    Came back here though because this morning the dollar dropped along with all the electricity share prices, with that poll result.

    Not out of the wood yet! – still a close run to the real poll.

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