Protest, not threaten

Stuff reports:

Serial threat-maker has gone to jail for four months maintaining that he will not eat or drink until he is released.

The Oxford farmer is likely to serve two months’ jail time of that sentence for his repeated letters threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key over a long standing dispute with successive governments.

It’s somewhat sad when people allow a grievance to become an obsession.

All Means All politely thanked the judge when he was sentenced to four months’ imprisonment.

He had himself ruled out of home or community detention as a punishment by refusing to make his property available.

He said he would not do community work, and he had paid nothing of the $20,000 fine imposed last time he did this and went to trial.

That meant imprisonment was the only option left, in spite of All Means All’s hunger strike threat.

Well that will at lest reduce the food bill during his imprisonment.

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