The benefits of fibre

May 14th, 2014 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

Stuff reports:

The occasion certainly did not pass unnoticed, with the prime minister in town to visit Manaia View School, the first location to connect to back in 2011.

Principal Leanne Otene proudly showed John Key the ways in which fibre has benefited her pupils, eliminating frustration and decreasing truancy rates.

Otene says her students no longer remember a time before fibre and now have digital, rather than wooden, desks to store their school work. …

Board of Trustees member Kirsten Holtz says the technological transformation at the school has been “absolutely amazing”.

“There’s now one device for every two kids, and fibre has made online learning more accessible and instant, there’s no waiting around so there’s more learning.”

“Children are engaged, and engaged children are children that are learning,” she says.

In the next few years fibre will not be just in every school, but available to 75% of NZ homes.  The impact in education is starting to show. The impact for other sectors will take longer to be realised, but may be no less significant.

4 Responses to “The benefits of fibre”

  1. KathyS (20 comments) says:

    Jeeez, David, I thought you were talking about kiddies eating their veges and being regular…

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  2. Kiwi Dave (234 comments) says:

    Perhaps it’s the solvents I’ve just been using in combination with lunchtime, but it took a while before I realized this was not about diet.

    Edit: Yep, KathyS, that’s exactly what I thought.

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  3. wreck1080 (5,009 comments) says:

    I reckon we’re on the right track with fibre although the debacle with chorus has been pathetic.

    Some people just can’t get their heads out of the ground and see the future, including prominent tech people who should know better.

    Take a look at australia where their NBN has descended into a shambles.

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  4. Jack5 (9,285 comments) says:

    Talking about education standards, the recent international ranking by the Economist Intelligence Unit for the publisher, Pearson, is interesting. Fibre will help with internet access, but the net and computers are an aid – it’s still teachers and parents who count most.

    New Zealand has dropped to sixteenth, compared with eighth place in the previous Pearson survey, in 2012.

    The 2014 top 20 nations:

    1. South Korea
    2. Japan
    3. Singapore
    4. Hong Kong
    5. Finland
    6. UK
    7. Canada
    8. Netherlands
    9. Ireland
    10. Poland
    11. Denmark
    12. Germany
    13. Russia
    14. United States
    15. Australia
    16. New Zealand
    17. Israel
    18. Belgium
    19. Czech Republic
    20. Switzerland

    Also relevant, other grey reports about NZ education:

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