The Civilian Party offending the humourless

Ben Uffindel from Party was on both The Nation and Q+A at the weekend.

Have a look at the comments on the TV3 story. Some extracts:

Why is TV3 spending money on this arrogant and deluded young man? Frightening and not even good entertainment. I doubt that Colin Craig would be interested in a friendship lest a coalition.

Its all good when its a bit of a laugh, but when the foreign media that are non English speaking get a hold of this sort of thing they completely run wild with it telling the world that there is a nut job politician that wants to hand out icecream and llamas in NZ.

That would be hilarious if they reported the llamas plan!

The lack of humour isn’t only there. Over on The Daily Blog, Frank Macskasy complains:

The one word that came to mind as I watched the episode was: revulsion. Not revulsion at the fact that our once proud egalitarian nation is now one of the most unequal on the face of this planet – but revulsion at the injection of humour in interviews; panel discussion, and levity between the hosts, Lisa Owen and Patrick Gower. …

I am not even referring to Patrick Gower “interviewing” Ben Uffindell, editor of the satirical blogsite, The Citizen. Though one certainly has to question why this segment was deemed worthy of insertion? What was the point of suggesting that children living in poverty – many of whom go to school without food (or  are given “food” that is of dubious nutritional value); no shoes; no rain coats; or lacking other items which Middle Class families take for granted – would find it funny to be given ice cream or a South American animal? 

Oh I so love the humourless ones.

The segment on Q+A yesterday was hilarious. My highlight was how they had resolved to overturn their previous decision not to let Don Brash join the party – but only if he pledged not to launch a coup within 24 hours of joining.

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