The perfect partner for the Mana Party

Stuff reports:

took part in “racist day” and referred to his American crew as “my little n……” – giving them gollywogs while recording his album Good Times.

The has said that Dotcom may help it win the Maori seat of Waiariki at the next election. However, the Internet Party founder failed to show on Saturday at a media opportunity in Rotorua where Annette Sykes was confirmed as Mana’s Waiariki candidate.

Christchurch musician Aaron Tokona, who played guitar on Dotcom’s album, said German-born Kim Schmitz, also known as Kim Tim Jim Vestor or Kimble, took part in “racist day” during the recording of his album last year at Auckland’s Roundhead Studios.

“On racist day you were allowed to speak freely, make racist jokes and it was OK apparently,” Tokona said yesterday.

“He could be called an evil Nazi and given the Hitler salute and he would call people ‘his little n……’.”

Now just imagine that Kim Dotcom was not offering the Mana Party millions of dollars. Just imagine that say Mr Dotcom was still a supporter of John Banks. What do you think the reaction of the Mana Party (and Labour and Greens) would be to revelations he used the nigger word.

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