What do you expect?

The Herald reports:

Meet the latest threat to public safety and civil order — 59-year-old Warriors supporter Tony Waring.

The long-time fan was barred from entering last week’s match against Canberra at Eden Park because he was carrying a sign in support of Mt Smart Stadium.

The sign was deemed “inflammatory” by security and Waring was forced to hand it over.

During the mandatory search, a security official found his A3-size sign which read “Stay Smart; Say no to Eden Park” and told Waring: “I’m not sure if you can take that in” before summoning his supervisor.

“I didn’t think I had anything to fear,” recalls Waring, who had used similar signs since last season when the shift to Eden Park was mooted.

Stadiums are commercial enterprises that compete and need revenue to survive.

Mr Waring thought that going to a game at Eden Park with a sign saying “Say no to Eden Park” would be fine.

Why would Eden Park allow that?

Mr Waring can advocate against Eden Park almost anywhere he wants to – at home, on the Internet, in public. But not at Eden Park itself. It is not a public place. It is a private stadium.

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