Why should she be humiliated or embarrassed

The Herald reports:

Shortland Street star Teuila Blakely has spoken of the “pain, humiliation and embarrassment” her tape with a Warriors player has caused.

The short video – which also featured Warriors centre Konrad Hurrell, 22 – briefly leaked online on Monday, and Blakely quickly admitted it was her, saying the tape “wasn’t meant to have been leaked”.

Blakely, 39, took to her Facebook page to apologise and discuss the “pain, humiliation and embarrassment” the video had caused her friends and family.

What humiliated or embarrassment?

She’s 39, and she scored a 22 year old league star. I’m sure most of her friend are giving her high fives and saying “You go girl”.

Bit of a double standard. If a 39 year old actor scored say a 22 year old Silver Fern, they wouldn’t feel pressured to apologise for pain and humiliation. They’d be down at the local pub shouting drinks.

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