PCE final report says no to a fracking ban

The Parliamentary Commission for the Environment has published a final report on , and concluded that on all the science it should not be banned. Will the Green Party accept the science, or do as they did with GE, and ignore it?

The has a Q+A which I quote:

3. Is drilling and fracking for oil and gas safe?

The Commissioner has found no evidence of major environmental problems from onshore oil and gas drilling in New Zealand. The risks of a major problem are low, if best practice is used. If not, the risk is greater and can cause serious environmental damage. It is therefore essential that New Zealand’s laws and regulatory agencies are adequate.

No evidence. I repeat, no evidence.

5. Why hasn’t the Commissioner recommended a moratorium?

The Commissioner has identified a number of problems that need to be fixed by Government and councils. The Commissioner has found that a moratorium is not justified because New Zealand has laws in place that can be used to prepare for a rapid expansion of the industry.

No moratorium needed.

So what do the Greens say:

“The Green Party is calling on the Government to take a safety-first approach and put a halt on fracking. 

They were probably against the wheel being invented also, if they were around then.

Now let’s be clear. The PCE has very usefully identified six areas where better regulation is needed. That’s exactly where the debate should be – getting the regulation right. But the Greens don’t care about getting the balance right. They will never ever support fracking, mining or drilling because it is against their near religious world view that Gaia must be left alone.

So what did the PCE recommend:

  1. Providing national direction
  2. Improving regional council plans
  3. Assessing well integrity to protect the environment
  4. Paying when something goes wrong
  5. Enforcing the controls on hazardous substances
  6. Dealing with solid waste from oil and gas wells



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