Why didn’t he just cut his hair?

Stuff reports:

A hero schoolboy is heading to court in a rare legal fight after he was suspended from college because his hair is too long.

Lucan Battison, 16, who received a bravery award in April for helping to save two women from drowning, was suspended from St John’s College in Hastings just a month later after being told he needed a haircut.

His father, Troy, has gone to the High Court seeking an urgent judicial review of the school’s decision. The case is likely to be heard later this month and principal Paul Melloy and the board of trustees will defend their actions.

When contacted yesterday, Troy Battison referred questions to lawyer Jol Bates, who said legal proceedings were “very much a last resort”, and the family wanted to get Lucan back to school as soon as possible.

So why doesn’t he just cut his hair?

Alternatively enrol in a school that doesn’t have a policy on hair length.

But if you choose to go to an integrated school (which is a choice, no one is zoned for it), then you have to accept their rules. If you don’t like them, then choose a school without a rule on hair length.

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