Why not name the country?

The Herald reports:

A diplomat accused of a sex crime was ordered out of New Zealand after invoking .

Despite attempts by the New Zealand government to haul the man before the courts, his home country refused to waive his immunity.

Under the Vienna Convention, diplomats cannot be arrested or detained in foreign countries.

The man, who was employed at a high commission in Wellington, was arrested by police after an attack on a 21-year-old in her Wellington home last month. He had followed the woman home.

Police told the Herald on Sunday they had sufficient evidence to charge him with assault with intent to rape, but had let him go as he was not able to be prosecuted under New Zealand law. He had also been charged with burglary.

It is understood the man — who was aged in his 30s and had interim — refused to give a DNA sample.

He had full diplomatic immunity, and left New Zealand.

As he will not be facing trial, surely the name suppression should now lapse.

And is there a reason the country he represents can not be named? It is a high commission, so that narrows it down to the Commonwealth.

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