Beyer says 90 day law got her sacked – a year before it came into force!

NewstalkZB reports:

Mana candidate is claiming to have fallen foul of the Government’s 90-day trial period laws before they were officially in place.

She’s told reporters it happened in 2010 when she worked at Michael Hill Jewellers in Masterton when she expressed an interest in running for local government.

“The manager in the shops that have said, ‘oh, well OK, if you’re not going to be hanging round by the end of the year because you might be the mayor of Masterton, you’d better give me your resignation now, citing the 90 day trial’.”

However legislation enabling that specific employment law for adult employees did not take effect until April 2011 – well after the time she says she lost her job.

Caught out big time.

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