Brownlee and Airportgate

The Herald reported:

Prime Minister John Key says he was “really disappointed” after bypassed this morning, but he has been quick to back him.

Mr Brownlee and two of his staff deliberately bypassed airport security at Christchurch airport this morning. He offered his resignation as Transport Minister, but that was swiftly rejected by the PM.

I don’t think what happened is a sackable offence, but on balance I think it would have been better for the PM to accept the resignation. It wouldn’t have been resignation as a Minister (which would be ridiculous) but it would be resignation from that portfolio – which I think would have been justified on the grounds of the portfolio including responsibility for airport security.

Incidentally I think that we should abolish almost all security on domestic flights anyway.  We were fine for many years without them, and I don’t accept that what happened on 911 has increased the risk profile for domestic flights in NZ.  I accept we need stringent security for international flights, but why for domestic?

As it happens they don’t have them for domestic flights outside the three main cities. So flying to Hamilton has no security, yet flying to Auckland means you have to go through the x-ray etc.

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