Dover on why he is not voting Labour

July 19th, 2014 at 9:00 am by David Farrar

The Herald reports:

Former minister says he won’t be voting for the party at the election.

He cited the party’s opposition to the Puhoi to Wellsford extension and Leader David Cunliffe’s “prima donna grandstanding” over the issue of sexual violence.

The former Maori Affairs Minister who now serves on the Northland Regional Council confirmed the Herald this morning he did not intend giving his party vote to Labour.

“Labour’s moved away from me, I’ve never moved away from Labour. I’m as staunch of the principles of Labour as I ever was, since the days of Mickey Savage.”

They’ve lost Shane Jones also. There is a pattern here.

“Winston Peters has been somebody that certainly has been an advocate of the regions and I’m a regional councillor and I find that spokespersons for the Labour Party have really turned their backs on some of the initiatives that the Northland Council have been advocating.”

He pointed to Labour’s plan to indefinitely postpone the Puhoi to Wellsford extension which it derides as “the holiday highway”.

” I don’t know where they got that from but the Puhoi road is integral to Northland’s economic future.”

Everytime Labour calls it the holiday highway, a Grey Lynn liberal applauds, and a local in Northland gets furious.

Mr Samuels said his advice to Labour was “come back to the grass roots principles”.

“I was a minister and a Member of Parliament under Helen Clark. She recognised you never become Government if you don’t take middle New Zealand with you.

“Shane Jones saw that and unfortunately this idea of “rich prick” and this idea of “I’m ashamed to be a man” and all of this kind of prima donna grandstanding does not actually resonate well with middle New Zealand at all.”

Mr Samuels said he was hearing many Labour Party supporters of long standing asking “what is happening to our party?”.

Their support base appears to now be reduced to the unions and people who comment at The Standard.

15 Responses to “Dover on why he is not voting Labour”

  1. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    Well if Dover wants the holiday highway (heh), he better vote National, ACT or Conservative then. Because the only thing Winston is going to do if he gets enough votes is to prop up a socialist coalition of economic terror.

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  2. duggledog (2,359 comments) says:

    The road north from Puhoi to Wellsford is an embarrassment. Every time I go north with a visitor from overseas, they cannot believe the main state highway from the bottom of NZ to the top has to stop at red lights for god knows how long in Warkworth. Same deal in Huntly. It’s ridiculous.

    Just think how much infrastructure could have been built in the last 30 years if we hadn’t just tipped it down the shitter, from DPB to Maori TV. Half a billion dollars just there over ten years. Yet the waste continues unabated even now.

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  3. David Garrett (10,993 comments) says:

    “unions and people who comment at The Standard”….brilliant…

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  4. WineOh (1,061 comments) says:

    Advice for Labour:
    1. Encourage Cunliffe to discover a long lost desire to “spend more time with his family”
    2. Cull about 2/3 of the current caucus
    3. Ditch the ‘man ban’ and quotas for diversity
    4. Actually listen to what the constituents want, not just your union pals
    5. Build a policy platform that delivers this while maintaining a balanced fiscal policy
    6. Select a leader that can communicate this & resonate with middle-NZ
    7. Profit

    How hard could that be? 😉

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  5. Chuck Bird (6,593 comments) says:

    “Their support base appears to now be reduced to the unions and people who comment at The Standard.”

    And of course the militant homosexuals and lesbians and some of those lesbians are of the man hating variety. Not all lesbians are the man hating type but many of them are.

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  6. geoff3012 (119 comments) says:

    WineOh (535 comments) says:
    July 19th, 2014 at 9:29 am
    Advice for Labour:

    For god sake…keep these silly ideas to yourself they might run with it………well, probably not…..

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  7. Keeping Stock (12,404 comments) says:

    If Samuels wants Puhoi to Wellsford built, why the heck is he voting for Winston First? National is the only significant party promising to do something about the worst piece of SH1 in the North Island.

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  8. duggledog (2,359 comments) says:


    It’s not hard but it’s futile. National own all the territory

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  9. PaulL (6,060 comments) says:

    Note voting for Labour, but still voting for a Labour-led govt. This is a chance for Key to get in with that sound-bite.

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  10. gravedodger (1,704 comments) says:

    Too little and far too late Trougher Samuels, pretty much he is grasping at all that was well signaled and/or embedded when he was pissing it up in a Hotel corridor and giving total support to H1.

    If The Pin Striped Dwarf is his second choice he clearly needs to be in a secure facility for the demented.

    Still firmly attached to a teat though, what is it with narcissistic socialists.

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  11. Reid (21,429 comments) says:

    …unfortunately this idea of “rich prick” [core socialist] and this idea of “I’m ashamed to be a man” [core feminist] and all of this kind of prima donna grandstanding [core leftist arrogance] does not actually resonate well with middle New Zealand at all.”

    All the ideologies have good parts and bad parts, including conservatism. For example in conservatism you do get some strands of thinking where people truly do put money before people and there truly are some people who truly would sell their own grandma down the river without a paddle if it bought them a financial gain and there truly are some people who truly think people of other races as n..’s and chi…s and goo..s and kik..s. But as we conservatives know for a fact, these people are a tiny tiny minority so tiny we hardly ever run into any of them and when we do the whole lot of us shun them and treat them as the outliers they really in fact are.

    What’s happened to Liarbore as we all know is that when Hulun was in power she took up all the lefty outlier causes but she wrapped them a veneer of acceptability by disguising them using mainstream languaging and other techniques such as engineering an extraordinarily complicit media regime during her time here.

    Sometimes she went too far. I recall for instance an early childhood initiative of hers (I think to require all pre-schoolers to attend state-run pre-school education) was sunk for that reason. But most of the time she was able to push through her outlier hating and wrecking agenda under the noses of the unwitting majority because she was so good as disguise. Look at her own marriage as another example of how good she is at disguising her true nature. There are still many people to this day, who refuse to accept she’s married to a beard. And not only do they refuse to accept it, they think alleging such is offensive. Since when has the truth been offensive?

    Anyway since Hulun left we have what we have. The disguise is slowly slipping away and the hissing lizards have been exposed and people are now seeing them (as they always have been), for the first time. The only thing that’s stopping more people than currently for seeing them as they truly are is cognitive dissonance, which is a powerful mask, given it operates on one’s own ego, to prevent one from admitting to oneself that one has been a complete and utter fool. How many people are ever willing to admit that, truly, to themselves?

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  12. Tarquin North (1,060 comments) says:

    You’ve got to wonder if this is one of those death bed confessions in the faint hope that people will remember him as something other than a vertially challenged incontinent twat who sold off the family silverware for a few baubles and a cowboy hat. If he needs a biographer…..

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  13. georgebolwing (1,051 comments) says:

    It is just possible that we are seeing the death throes of the Labour Party in New Zealand.

    Labour’s biggest problem is that its core founding principal – the proto-Marxist idea that a private enterprise economy could never deliver the good life to the working classes – has turned out to be wrong. More correctly, experience here and in the rest of the world is that a state-owned, planned economy can’t deliver a better life than a private enterprise economy.

    Roger Douglas, Helen Clark, Bob Hawke, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton all came to see this and attempted, in very different ways, to change their parties into something that would remain relevant. None of these alternatives have worked either. In New Zealand, the idea that only Labour can deliver the good life to the working class by a “mixed-economy” (production, distribution and exchange conducted by a regulated private economy, with health, education and welfare provide by centralised, state-own monopolies) has also proved to be unsustainable.

    Now I am not saying that National and other parties are unabashed supporters of the free enterprise model – indeed National seem to have a history of winning elections by promising to “perfect socialism” – but they do at least pay lip service to economic freedom.

    There must come a time when proposing something that demonstrable doesn’t and can’t work will become to be seen for the futility that it is and the left-wing parties will be the ones consigned to the dustbin of history.

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  14. David Garrett (10,993 comments) says:

    George B: I think you hit it squarely on the head in the second para…traditional socialist theory has it that without redistribution by the State, “the workers” will always be downtrodden serfs owing their existence to crumbs dropping from the bosses table..

    New Zealand’s experience over almost 100 years shows that to be bollocks…there are plenty of plumbers with a much better house than mine, and another at Lake Rotoiti……Sorta blows the whole “You need the State to mollycoddle you” theory…

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  15. PaulL (6,060 comments) says:

    @georgeb: It’s possible, but not probable. Again I’d remind you that under English then Brash people talked about how National was imploding and probably would never hold govt again. Then they found a leader who could connect with the people and take pragmatic decisions (otherwise known as promising to “perfect socialism”), and have a lock on govt. I’m not sure who in Labour will prove to be that person (and as the saying goes, they may not currently be in parliament), but it is more likely than not that the pendulum will swing their way again once they become electable again.

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