Labour has as much support as Rob Ford

July 1st, 2014 at 12:00 pm by David Farrar

The Toronto Star reports the latest Mayoral poll has incumbent on 27%, despite being a crack addict.

Out of interest 27%, is also the level the Party is at in NZ.

And Rob Ford is only 7% behind his leading rival, while Labour is 23% or so behind.


11 Responses to “Labour has as much support as Rob Ford”

  1. David Garrett (10,993 comments) says:

    Oh David, you wicked funster you…The Labour acolytes over at the Stranded will be apoplectic at your comparison..

    To be fair, I doubt Cunliffe has ever seen crack, much less smoked it…As for some of the others in that motley band across the aisles…

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  2. Pete George (24,828 comments) says:

    And even their own supporters can see the obvious as Labour continues to self destruct.

    Porirua mayor Nick Leggett describes himself as “a life-long (moderate and pro-enterprise) Labour supporter”. He lashes Labour in despair in a post at The Pundit – Labour’s sins of ommission.

    He begins:

    Where is the sense of urgency from a Labour party that doesn’t seem terribly fussed about winning this election, or at least seems quite happy to leave it to potential coalition partners to get it over the line?

    The biggest crime a Labour Party caucus, activist base and affiliated unions can commit is to not put their party in a position where it can realistically when an election. They can claim all they like to want to bring new talent into parliament through the list, but on current polling, it’s rhetoric – no new faces will make it come September.

    It’s worth reading his whole post. He concludes:

    Where is the sense of urgency in Labour that says it’s not OK for generations in a single family to be stuck on the dole? Labour is never satisfied with the status quo – we believe that tomorrow can be better. We have a divine discontent that makes us strive to improve on what is.

    It would nice for all this be reflected in the Labour Party that faces the 2014 election.

    It may be too late for this election, which is not good for New Zealand. Whether Labour could beat National this election with the help of Greens and others or not a weak (once) major party weakens our democracy.

    There’s a growing chance of a Labour vote collapse.

    Labour have failed to recover and rebuild since Helen Clark and Michael Cullen packed up and left Nearly two terms ago. nearly six years ago.

    More worrying is that in it’s current form it looks unlikely Labour will recover next term either unless something dramatic changes, and with the same old line-up with a procession of leaders that is looking a forlorn hope.

    We could be moving to (or have already moved to) just a one major party, several moderate sized parties and several tiny parties model of MMP.

    While National hold power we are likely to continue unremarkable slightly right leaning at at times timid government.

    When the voters eventually give a hodge podge of parties a turn anything could happen, depending on how small Labour gets, who is leading them at the time and what factions are dominant.

    In the meantime dominating the news today is Mallard’s farce: Time to bring back…the moa

    I’d prefer “time to bring back Labour” as a serious political force but the party looks more like farce.

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  3. Lance (3,830 comments) says:

    @David Garrett
    Yes DPF the statistician having fun with statistics. All innocent of course 😛

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  4. wikiriwhis business (5,179 comments) says:

    Ford isn’t hiding or in denial. He’ll get another crack

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  5. labrator (2,469 comments) says:

    The real question is would the Labour caucus taking crack improve or worsen their popularity?

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  6. thor42 (971 comments) says:

    I’m still stunned by the 27% figure.

    How can ANY sane adult truly think that the clusterf**k that is Labour (requiring the Greens et al as well) could **actually run this country?** How on earth can *anyone* really believe that?

    It is like 27% of voters believing that the world is flat. It is that simple.

    I wouldn’t mind betting that of the 27% that support Labour, 80 or 90% of them support Labour for no better reason than “that’s who my parents voted for” or “because they aren’t National”. Both completely stupid and unsupportable reasons.

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  7. Other_Andy (2,678 comments) says:

    thor42 says:

    I’m still stunned by the 27% figure.
    How can ANY sane adult truly think that the clusterf**k that is Labour (requiring the Greens et al as well) could **actually run this country?** How on earth can *anyone* really believe that?

    Just check Kiwiblog.
    Judith, mikenmild, toad, Dom Knots and company believe that.

    Oh wait, you said any ‘sane adult’.

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  8. CJPhoto (244 comments) says:

    Cunliffes ratings may actually increase from 10% if he was a crack addict – at least press conferences would be a lot more interesting.

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  9. Dom Knots (155 comments) says:

    very warm of you to relate my political affiliations to all and sundry, andy, darling. Particularly since and to the best of my recollection i have never once made mention of them in this shithole mice elf. However, i will state clearly that the company you mention alongside of me seems waaaay more preferable to the likes of your own, lumberskull.

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  10. publicwatchdog (5,631 comments) says:

    Interesting how the mainstream media and ‘polling’ can help to sway public opinion?

    I remember VERY clearly the massive media bias and effort in 2008 to help discredit and undermine Winston Peters and NZ First, to help stop them achieving the 5% party threshold.

    Because the majority of CEOs in 2008 didn’t want Winston Peters or NZ First to be part of any coalition government.

    So – there was a continual stream of ‘MAN ON THE MOON’ headlines, attacking Winston Peters and NZ First, particularly in the NZ Herald, literally day after day.

    Here is the EVIDENCE of the NZ Herald campaign against Winston Peters and NZ First:

    ” Evidence of corporate media campaign (mainly NZ Herald) to discredit Winston Peters and NZ First prior to the 2008 election.
    3 April 2011

    Here is evidence of the corporate media campaign waged in the NZ Herald against Winston Peters and NZ First, from 12 July 20o8 – 5 November 2008.

    In the politically critical three months before the 2008 NZ general election, complaints were made to both the Police and Serious Fraud Office about NZ First, by ACT Party Leader Rodney Hide.

    Were these complaints ‘politically motivated’?

    Coming from the leader of a rival political party – ACT’s Rodney Hide – how can they be described as anything else?

    No charges were laid, there were no convictions in Court, and eventually both the Serious Fraud Office and NZ Police found no offence had been committed and there was no case to answer.

    But politically – the damage had been done.

    Arguably the continual barrage of ‘MAN ON THE MOON’ headlines over ALLEGATIONS of possible fraudulent and/or criminal behaviour, in the three months before the election, had the desired effect on enough of the voting public to ‘put them off’ voting for NZ First / Winston Peters.

    NZ First failed to make the 5% party vote threshold, and those big business CEOs who didnt want Winston Peters to be part of either a Labour or National Government – got their way.

    This is how it was done.

    KEY DATES: …… ”


    But it seems that the public are waking up to media bias and manipulation, and they don’t appear to like it.

    Editorial: Cries of bias will not stop reporting

    5:00 AM Friday Jun 27, 2014


    (Read the comments 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Penny Bright

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  11. OneTrack (4,602 comments) says:

    publicwatchdog – And I remember the massive media bias against people like Don Brash and groups like the Exclusive Brethren, who, apparently, aren’t allowed an opinion. I also remember the massive media bias against John Key during the “Teacup” scandal. I am currently seeing media bias against Colin Craig and the Conservative Party – apparently you aren’t allowed to be a conservative or a christian in today’s progressive world.

    I don’t remember any bias against Winston in 2008 – they loved him then.

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