Laila and Kim upset with Cunliffe

The Herald reports:

Labour leader David Cunliffe is “premature” to rule out ministerial spots for Internet Party leader and Mana leader Hone Harawira, Ms Harre said yesterday.

Her comments come after Internet Party founder took to Twitter to mock Mr Cunliffe over his statements at Labour’s election year Congress at the weekend.

The thought that Kim won’t want any Ministers for his pet party, in return for helping make Cunliffe Prime Minister is laughable. This is a guy who decided to destroy John Banks because Banks wouldn’t help him get a pillow in jail.

Dotcom mocked Cunliffe’s statement, because he knows there will be a price to pay for his support.

Is it any coincidence that Dotcom’s lawyers have managed to have his extradition hearing delayed again – until February 2015. So any decision, if a court finds he is eligible for extradition, would be made by a Government propped up by his pet party.

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