Mallard still going on about moas

The Taranaki Daily News reports:

just can’t let go of his fascination with resurrecting the moa.

Yesterday Inglewood, a town long associated with the extinct flightless bird, came to the attention of the Labour MP.

He was in Taranaki yesterday to talk about sport and recreation, but was fascinated to learn Inglewood was briefly known as Moatown in the mid-1870s.

Last week Mallard caused a ruffle when he told his electorate that breakthroughs in modern science could bring back the species and they could one day roam the hills above Wainuiomata.

And, if the moa was brought back from the dead then Inglewood could be a great place for some to live, he said.

“It may well be that within careful enclosures some of the smaller moa will be there at the time of our grandchildren or great grandchildren,” he said. Not the big ones though, because the farmers in Taranaki might not want the birds near their cattle, he said.

It would be a great tourism market for his district, but Taranaki could cash in on that too.

I love it. Trevor is now going up and down the country talking about Labour’s plans to bring back the moa. Cunliffe will be furious, but can’t do anything about it without causing a public major rift.

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