Tau’s Twitter valedictory

July 22nd, 2014 at 11:00 am by David Farrar

tweeted yesterday an online valedictory. You can see it all here. Some highlights:

  • Some stuff I did in 15 years as MP, $15 million for Maori Language
  • Was part of turning around National to see that Independance was good for #EastTimor
  • Funded the innovative housing programme for Ngai Tai, great scheme, Eastern BoP
  • The biggest thanks go to my #Wife. For all the shit you put up with both from me and politics. Love you forever and beyond.
  • Returned some of our Ancestors from their “trip” to England
  • Invited French Prim Minister to #APEC, forgot they weren’t part of #APEC
  • My words to French PM, “ill see you in Auckland for APEC, he said But we are not members, I said “Well you should be”
  • Was intrdcd to DukeofEd, he asked what I did, I explained to him that I was a list MP, he sd “Oh one of those that don’t do anything” I said Yeah just like you, he laughed out loud. #CheekyBugger but very well informed lol
  • I passed the #TeAhoMatua Kura Kaupapa Maori Philosophy/Guiding principles into Legislation. 1st time ever a philosophy passed into Law
  • Met Clinton and gave him a #Toki I told him it was used for dispatching enemies. He said he would have it in the #OvalOffice ready to use.
  • Intorduced Maori Reserved Land Legislation, 1st part of getting rid of Glasgow type leases on Maori Land.
  • Chaired the Maori Affairs Select Committee for 6 years. The most bi-partisan com in Prlmnt. A ton of Treaty Legislation. Big thanks to mbrs.
  • Got booted from the House 7 times in one year. #OOPS
  • Apologies to anyone Ive offended over 15 years, some need to harden up, Ive only got 140 characters so no space for all. lol
  • Are #Cleaners worth $20 bucks an hour ? Well yes and I should have said so, my bad.
  • Ive given up smoking 6 times in 15 years or since 1993. #Valedictory I was never a great boozer. I was always on time except once.
  • I turned up to a #marae one day early, when the kuuia asked me what I was doing I sd I was just checking the route.
  • I hated door knocking. I once door knocked a house in the Hokianga, and there was a tangi on, they invited me in. Was from Sth Auck, algood.
  • My first day on the job and I had a run in with Jim Anderton, Grrrr blamed me personally for the unemployment prob in the North ? He was Pissed off I got the trip to East Timor and he didn’t. Old coot I thought. Still do.
  • That infamous fight with @TrevorMallard, wasn’t much. 2 old testosterone filled eggs.
  • I never hated anyone in the House. apart from nah. lol They all good.
  • A big shout out to #Parekura where ever he is. Miss you chief.
  • The best thing about the Sth Island National Party supporters is man they can bake.
  • I think I would’ve made a good speaker, nothing flash and wldve changed the rule book somewhat. I don’t hold grudges (MaoriParty)
  • I once presented a carved waka to the Captain Cook Museum in Middlesborough. I was just about to ask where he was buried. Then I remembered.
  • Well thats about it. To Parliament and the Country, thanks for having me. Goodbye and Good Luck. Nga manaakitanga ki a kotou katoa.

Thanks Tau – a great online valedictory and a lot to be proud of.

9 Responses to “Tau’s Twitter valedictory”

  1. kowtow (13,218 comments) says:

    Tau can have a lot to be proud of.

    Me.As a taxpayer looking at that list has a lot to be angry about.

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  2. Nostalgia-NZ (6,434 comments) says:

    Have to say he did it his way – good work.

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  3. stephen2d (215 comments) says:

    Good bloke, with Shane he is one of the rare ones that will be missed.

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  4. Judith (8,534 comments) says:

    If he was nothing else, he was always entertaining, and so damn cheeky!

    His heart was in the right place – his mouth, not always so – but he made the effort, and that is what counts.

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  5. Paulus (3,567 comments) says:

    Thanks Tau -great to have you on the National Waka.
    Good to see someone with excellent humour on life.
    Wisgh there wwere more like you – not the miserable blee…s we have now.
    Like Labour – no sense of life.

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  6. safesally (47 comments) says:

    I liked Tau Henare until now; all he ever did was for one race and yet we all paid for him. Fairer representation in parliament would mean less Maori replaced by Polynesian and Asian candidates perhaps.

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  7. RRM (12,577 comments) says:

    Seems like a pretty good guy, for a member of parliament. I liked his Prince Philip story.

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  8. Rex Widerstrom (5,113 comments) says:

    Yep, the Duke of Edinburgh just shot up several notches in my estimation.

    Appended to that list should be note of the fact that he broke Labour’s stranglehold on the Maori seats in 1993. No one thought it could be done. I wonder if we’d have the Maori Party now if that hadn’t happened? And he formed Maui Pacific, a brave attempt to get Maori and PI people under the one umbrella (I say brave because the internal politics of the two groups would give Machiavelli nightmares).

    He’s a hard worker who’s achieved much, and while he may have put a foot wrong it was never a calculated deceit of, or theft from, his employers. We could do with more like him. Good luck, Tau.

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  9. Mobile Michael (984 comments) says:

    The Duke of Edinburgh always struck me as someone who can take as good ss he gives. And as Tau got right up Mallard’s nose he goes in the positive ledger. But only just.

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