They’re getting more deranged as the election gets closer

A commenting at Pundit has a solution for Labour’s woes:

Labour’s problems are readily solved – you black-bag Armstrong and Gower and beat the everliving crap out them. You beat them so badly that doubt is expressed that they will ever walk again, and so that they tremble whenever they see a political discussion.

It might seem excessive – but the alternative is allowing Key to use the GCSB and a thoroughly corrupt and compliant media to circumvent the normal operations of democracy. I’m somewhat attached to democracy and do not take kindly to its organised subversion.

And is this a one off desire for violence by Mr Munro. No he advocated killing the Prime Minister in May.

And in 2011 he said on Scoop:

We should not protect our politicians. Let them get what they have earned. The massive redundancy in the profession ensures their positions will be filled almost instantly. Look at Rodney – a replacement was found even before anyone got around to shooting him.

So who is Stuart Munro:

A former fisherman then civil servant (with MAF)

This guy was a so called neutral public servant!!!

He talks very tough online about beating up journalists and killing MPs. I suspect in real life he is scared of his own shadow.

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